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Obsession (Seven Deadly Sins #2)
Author: Shantel Tessier





Do you remember the first time you met the person you fell in love with? Do you remember the way they looked at you? The way they made your heart beat faster?

I do!

I was in high school. A senior, to be exact. It was my first day at a new school, having just recently moved to this small town in Texas.


I come up to my classroom door and take a deep breath before I open the door. I walk in, and everyone quiets as I enter. I clear my throat and look at the teacher. “I’m Brecken Hawke,” I announce.

She takes my paper from me as I stand in front of the class. I scan the desks quickly and only see two seats available, Of course, they are both in the front row.

“Welcome to World Literature, Brecken,” she says happily. “Please take a seat.” She points at the front seat on the right, and I cringe. I need to find out if these seats are assigned. If not, I need to get here earlier to get one in the back.

I sit down in my seat as I hear some of the students snicker. I’m sure it’s at me, but I couldn’t really give a fuck what they think of me. I’ll just beat their asses later if I need to.

“Okay.” The teacher claps her hands to get everyone’s attention. “Let’s get the day started. Did everyone get their assignment …?”

We all turn to look at the door as it swings open. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Bells,” a girl says as she rushes into the room. “We got held up in the gym,” she explains.

My eyes run up her exposed legs to her short cheerleading uniform as she walks right past my desk. She sits down in the empty seat next to me. Her long dark brown hair shields her face from me, but I find myself leaning back in my seat to see that her top has ridden up in the back, showcasing two little dimples. Instantly, my mind is in the gutter. It’s been too long since I’ve fucked a chick. Well, before the move. That’s like, at least, three weeks.

“Excuse me?”

My eyes travel up her side, and I linger on her breasts as she pants from rushing to the classroom. They’re not overly large, but they’re also not small. About a handful, just right.

She clears her throat. “Excuse me?” I hear her say again.

I lift my eyes to look into hers. My eyes look into the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. They’re a dark blue with green specs. They freeze me where I sit. It’s as if she can see into my soul, and it takes my breath away. Her long dark hair is pushed over to the right side of her face, and her pouty lips are covered in a light pink gloss. I wanna lick it off. I wonder if it tastes like strawberries.

“Looking for something?” she asks with a knowing smile on her face.

I mentally shake my head and take a deep breath. “Not anymore,” I respond, trying to play it cool

She chuckles and the sound makes me break out in goose bumps. She’s beautiful! Gorgeous. I’ve never seen someone look so fucking hot and beautiful at the same time. Her body in such close proximity makes mine hum.

I need to get to know this woman. “What’s your name?” I ask softly as the teacher starts her lesson.

“Nicole.” She reaches out her right hand. “Nicole Crawford.” Even her name sounds heavenly. “What’s yours?”

“Brecken,” I say as my hand takes hers. Her hand is so small inside mine, and her skin is so soft.

“Well, Brecken, you’d better pay attention,” She slides her eyes to the teacher, and I’m desperate to have her attention back on me so I can stare at them. “We’ll have a test over this tomorrow.”

I lean over my desk, and a smile spreads across my face. “Wanna be my tutor?”

She throws her head back laughing, and I hear a soft snort. The entire class bursts into laughter. I just sit back and watch her as she laughs with her entire body as if I’m the funniest guy she’s ever heard.

“Nicole,” the teacher snaps. “Brecken.”

“Yes, ma’am?” I ask looking up at her.

“Do you two need a minute alone?” she asks, narrowing her eyes on me.

“No, ma’am, that’s not nearly enough for me. I need at least thirty,” I say leaning back in my chair and crossing my arms over my chest.

Nicole gasps beside me, and then she reaches over to shove my arm. The entire class laughs out loud, and I give the teacher a smug smile. She just touched me.

“That’s it.” The teacher puts down her chalk, clapping her hands together to dust them off. “You two. The principal’s office now!”

“Only in class for ten minutes and already on your way to the principal’s office?” Nicole asks as we walk down the hallway. “Is that a personal best for you?”

I slide my eyes to look over at her. She’s so short compared to me. I’m almost six feet. She has to be like five-foot-four.

“Would you be impressed if I said yes?” I ask with a smirk.

She stops walking, and I do the same. She turns to face me. She looks up at me with those dark blue eyes. “Let’s just say I was impressed before you ever even opened your mouth,” she says matter-of-factly.

I stand in the middle of the silent hallway. A smile spreads across my face as she spins around and walks off.

I watch her long dark hair as it runs down her back and the way she sways her hips in that fucking skirt. I imagine bending her over my desk in the classroom and pushing it up. Easy access. My cock hardens, and my heart hammers. Fuck, she’s beautiful.

“You just gonna stand there, or are you coming?” she calls out with a chuckle, not even bothering to turn around to face me.

“Oh, I’m coming,” I call out, and her chuckle turns into a full-out laugh.


I know what you must think. I was seventeen. A horny teenager. I wasn’t thinking about the life I wanted to give her. The only thing on my mind was her on top of me in the backseat of my car.

But I thought I was in love. I thought I would do anything to make her mine. Turns out, I didn’t have to do much. She wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

But what if I tell you the love I wanted was not the love I ended up getting? What if I told you that the brunette girl I met in that class was taken from me? She was ripped from my life thirteen years ago, and well, life is a bitch.

And what do you do with a bitch? You fuck it!

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