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Brutal Discoveries
Author: Kasey Millstead



My husband, Troy – God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you...

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Brutal Discoveries by Kasey Millstead


South Glenn Maximum Security prison wasn’t for the faint at heart. The inmates weren’t there because they stole some cookies from the cookie jar.

They were serial murderers.



The worst of the worst.

It was at South Glenn that ‘Sweet Treats’ bakery owner, Scarlett Everett met two men who would change her life. Damon Salt was a man serving life without parole that she was paired with for a volunteer program called Friends for Lifers.

Prison guard Aden West was tall and tanned with indigo eyes and a strong jaw smattered with dark hair. Just a hint of what promised to be a sleeve of tattoos peeked out from the cuff of his button-down shirt, which combined with his buzz cut, gave him a bad boy edge Scarlett didn’t know she was attracted to until she stood there trying the catch the breath he took away.

One had the power to destroy her heart, the other had the power to destroy her life as she knew it.





“I still can’t believe you actually signed up to do something like this, Scarlett.” My best friend, Ella, looked at me like I was some kind of foreign being with two heads. “They’re criminals,” she said, exaggerating the word.

“I know,” I replied back in the same tone. I continued searching through my handbag to make sure I had nothing stashed inside that would trigger the prison’s security.

“Scarlett!” she snapped. “You need to take this seriously. What if one of them decides to grab you and use you as a human shield so they can negotiate their way out of jail? Or what if they’re concealing a shank and they stab you? They could try to persuade you to smuggle drugs in to them!”

“You’re being dramatic, and you need to lay off the crime shows.”

“Seriously, Scarlett, I don’t know how you’re not freaking out. Those men can be incredibly manipulative.”

“I understand where you’re coming from.” I tried to placate her. “However, you need to realize that the staff from Friends For Lifers take those things into consideration when they’re pairing volunteers and inmates. Plus, it isn’t like I’m under a contract or anything; if I arrive today and decide it isn’t for me, then I’m free to walk away and never return.”

“Well, that would be a smart move,” she mumbled just loud enough for me to hear. I gave her a pointed look as I began stuffing everything back into my handbag. Once I was done, I took a deep breath and smoothed my hands down the front of my silk lilac blouse. I wasn’t sure what to wear today, so I had gone casual.

“Do I look okay?”

She eyed my blouse, jeans, and sandals ensemble before smirking. “Anything’s better than prison orange, right?”

“Smart ass.”


My heart thumped powerfully in my chest as I walked toward the doors of South Glenn Maximum Security Prison. Plenty of people were coming and going from their visitations. I lined up and waited my turn. My fingers fidgeted in front of me, and my entire body felt warm with fear.

“Name?” I heard the word barked and I startled to attention. It was my turn.

“Scarlett Everett,” I croaked.


I handed over my license and waited anxiously. The man behind the desk, whose name embroidered on his crisp white shirt read W. Dunn, thoroughly checked everything, and the silence that ensued had me feeling antsy. The entire situation was intimidating; each guard was standing at alert, assessing the room for threats or potential outbursts. The security was stringent, and I swear every second person standing in that line was a junkie.

“I’m here to visit Damon Salt as part of the Friends For Lifers volunteer program. It’s my first time,” I rambled unnecessarily. W. Dunn raised his brow and eyed me skeptically.


“Sign here.” He slid a visitors’ attendance book to me. “Clip this on your shirt, and make your way over there to be screened.” He handed me a badge which boldly stated VISITOR, which I took and clipped on my blouse as I walked toward the screening station. After a quick – but thorough – search to make sure I wasn’t bringing anything prohibited into the prison, I was waved through. Suddenly, I felt incredibly vulnerable. I didn’t want to look around, but I knew I had to. As inconspicuously as I could, I glanced around the room. Men of all ages and races, dressed in khaki uniforms, sat at the small oblong tables that filled the room. I quickly noted that three of the men were alone, which meant one of those three was Damon Salt.

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