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Hadley (The Club Girl Diaries Book 3)
Author: Addison Jane


“Oh God,” I moaned as Camo fisted his hand in my hair and pulled it back.

The music from the party outside filtered through the walls, dulling the sound. I couldn’t tell you what song was playing. My mind was so engrossed with the feeling of Camo’s cock as it pounded into me from behind.

I managed to force my eyes open, seeing Kev standing on the other side of the bed, tucking himself back into his pants as he continued to watch us, licking his lips. I could still taste him on my tongue from moments ago when he’d released his load into my mouth.

I gasped loudly as Camo hit the sweet spot inside me and my body burst. I shattered into a million pieces, shuddering in pure delight as the wave of my orgasm crashed over me. Camo released my hair, and the top half of my body fell against the bed.

“Fuck, so fucking tight!” Camo groaned loudly as he followed me into the abyss, his fingertips digging into my hips as he gave one last powerful thrust.

My knees gave way at the force, and he pushed me flat onto my stomach, his body falling over mine and pressing me into the bed.

“Jesus Christ, Hadley,” his scratchy voice whispered.

Kev laughed, and I turned my head to look as he walked to the door. I couldn’t help but smile as he pulled on his shirt, covering the long, red, scratch marks my nails had left before Camo had joined the party.

“You coming back out, Had?” Kev asked over his shoulder as he reached for the handle.

“Yeah, I’ll be out soon,” I mumbled, my high taking its time to come down.

Kev chuckled. “Good. Think I owe you a drink after that. Maybe fucking ten.” He pulled the door closed behind him as he continued to mutter to himself.

Camo pushed himself off, and a soft whimper left my lips as he pulled his cock from inside me. I didn’t move. Content to lay there, satisfied and feeling amazing.

A sharp slap on my ass cheek caused me to shriek, and I rolled over, my eyes narrowed into a glare. Camo just laughed as he tied the condom, and tossed it into the wastebasket by the door. Then he pulled his jeans up, he hadn’t even bothered to take his clothes off. It was a quick fuck, but one thing I learned with these boys was that quick didn’t mean disappointing.

Camo ignored the way I leered at him and leaned over me, brushing his lips against my cheek. “Always a pleasure.”

“Likewise,” I laughed as he gave me a quick salute and disappeared out the door.

My high finally allowing me to return to earth, I let out a long satisfied sigh as I clambered off the bed in search of my clothes.

My room was small, space for a double bed, a small desk and a tiny bathroom off to the side. It was more than I expected when I’d asked the Brothers by Blood MC if I could join them and be one of their girls. It served its purpose.

I was a club girl.

I was there to fuck the men and have fun.

It hadn’t been a hard concept to get my head around. I loved sex, and the men of this MC were all kinds of sexy and blessed when it came to that department. But there were certain things I had to remind myself not to do.

I couldn’t ask questions.

I was inquisitive by nature, so when I heard something or saw something, my mind always wondered why, or who, or what. But here, that was a big—hell no.

It wasn’t my place to know what went on around the club.

I wasn’t there to ask questions or give my opinion.

There were also cooking and cleaning duties that the small group of club girls—and a handful of old ladies took care of. That wasn’t hard, I’d been a housewife for six years. But then, I hadn’t had twelve to fifteen alpha males to clean up after and cook for.

It wasn’t your typical nine to five job. But one that was out of necessity more than anything else.

The Brothers by Blood MC looked after their club girls. We gave them what they needed, and in return they gave us the means to survive, in more ways than one. We had a home, food, and a little money to look after ourselves. But essentially, it was the protection that they offered that called to me the most.

I wasn’t new to the club lifestyle. I’d spent the last few years with a club in Arkansas. It was a little different than the brothers, though. My club were actually made up of undercover FBI agents. The dynamic was the same, but the purpose completely different.

My husband had been one of those agents, until one day he came home from an assignment and the light in his eyes that I’d fallen in love with had suddenly dimmed. He wasn’t the man I’d married anymore.

The club noticed, too. And Judge, the President knew there was no bringing him back.

But they say once you’ve let the darkness in, it’s hard to find the light again.

The Bureau offered him another job, and he took it with both hands and a sparkle of hell in his eye. I hadn’t seen him since.

I was still married. But while my husband had once been the love of my life, he was now the nightmare that wouldn’t let me go.

I reached under my bed and pulled out the small box that I’d received in the mail just that morning. They’d started about a month ago. It was one of the reasons I’d come here. I needed the kind of protection that even the FBI couldn’t give me.

They couldn’t protect me from one of their own. And even if it were possible, would they? To them he was still their top priority, he was still an agent. And we had no proof that he was doing anything other than the job they had assigned him.

I pulled open the lid of the box and stared down at the daisy inside. There were several petals missing, and the note beside it read, ‘She loves me.’ Three words that at one time had made my heart soar, but now only made me want to hurl my stomach contents all over the floor.

So far his intentions were unclear. We didn’t know why the packages were coming, or what had brought on his sudden need to catch my attention. We were just thankful that they were still being sent to my old address in Arkansas. As long as he thought that was where I was, we were okay.

I was safe.

It was strange to say that when you were thinking of someone, who at one time, you had sworn to love and cherish until death do you part.

But those words were beginning to feel even more and more real.

I slammed the lid back on the small cardboard box, crumpling it and firing it back underneath the bed with the six others. I wasn’t sure why I was keeping them. I should burn them. Destroy them or something.

Taking a deep breath, I stood up and smoothed out the little black dress I’d worn for the party that was currently pumping away just down the hall. It was a Friday night, and on Friday nights, boy did these people know how to party.

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