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Sugar Daddies(9)
Author: Jade West

Maybe he was talking about what he was going to make me do for my three grand a month.

Maybe next time it would be me grunting in pain as Carl slammed me into the bed.

The idea set me on fire, and I could hardly think, hardly breathe, lost to everything but the dirty need to take two men. Those two men. I’d wanted Rick on sight, probably more than I’d ever wanted anyone in my life. The genuine confidence in his swagger, his ease in his own skin, the way he flicked his tongue piercing when he knew I was staring at his mouth. But here, safe in the room next door, I wanted Carl, too. I wanted him in a way that scared me, right from the depths of my seedy fantasies. I wanted to be nervous of him, I wanted him to intimidate me, and use me and make me take it all. I wanted to cry out like Rick had as he forced his way inside me.

My clit was on fire under my fingers, my pussy so needy as I slipped two inside, but the noises quietened too soon and left me bereft. I held my breath and listened hard to catch the faintest sound, but there was only a series of quiet groans. The promise of a louder volume was enough to get me out of bed, tiptoeing to the wall. I pressed my ear to the brickwork, and they were still going at it. I could hear the noises from their bed, the thump of wood against brick as a headboard hit against the wall. And Carl, I heard Carl, but his voice was too low to make out any words. It was a no brainer. I drained the last of the water from my glass and placed it against the wall, my ear gently to it.

“Yes, holy fuck yes!” Rick’s voice.

“Tell me!”

“All of it. Deep. I want it fucking deep.”

A grunt.

A moan.


“You. I want you, Carl. Right inside. Stretch me and fuck me deep!”

Another grunt. Louder this time.

A muffled groan. I imagined Rick’s face pressed into the pillows.

More words from Carl but I couldn’t make them out.

A grunt. A moan. I shifted the glass.


If only I could get a little closer.

So quietly I sloped to the doorway, teasing down the handle and praying it didn’t creak. The door didn’t betray me, swinging open with ease and allowing me to stick my head out onto the landing. There was a path of light from their bedroom door, and the temptation was too much. If I could just inch my way along, just enough, maybe I’d be able to see, just a glimpse. Tiny steps took me closer, edging along the wall with shallow breaths. I hit the jackpot as I reached their doorway, the definite sound of flesh slamming flesh, and Carl had a filthy mouth, grunting a string of expletives about Rick’s tight asshole and how fucking close he was, and it was as hot as I’d imagined. I held my position, and slid my fingers back between my legs, brushing my clit as Carl promised to spurt his load into Rick’s hungry ass. I had to see, just a glimpse, just for a moment.

I held my breath as I peered out, just in time to see Carl’s muscular ass as he slammed his way towards climax. I couldn’t get much of a view, not from there, but I couldn’t stop, daring to step out just a little further. There was a bathroom just the other side of the landing, I could see the basin, I could be heading there, one last late night pee before bed. Innocent. It could be innocent.

Carl’s orgasm paralysed me. It fixed me to the spot and stopped me dead. It was raw, and violent. Muscles taut and brutal as they took what he needed. Rick whimpered and it was the most beautifully erotic sound. He wanted it, a stream of yes, yes, yes as Carl finished up, two deep thrusts, and his thighs were quivering, tight with exertion.

Mine were quivering, too.

I forgot myself. Gawping openly as Carl rolled from Rick’s back, and my eyes must have flown wide as Carl turned over, breath still ragged as he scooted to the side of the bed and dropped his feet to the floor. I tried to step into the shadows of the bathroom, but I was too late and Carl’s eyes burned me alive, hammering into me as though I was the next hot piece of meat for the pounding.

I reached the bathroom doorway as Rick rolled over, too. His eyes sought me out and they were hooded and hazy, his hair dishevelled. He smiled, but I couldn’t smile back, I was nothing but nerves.

“Bathroom,” I stammered. “Needed to go. I’m so sorry.”

I flinched as Carl got to his feet, his thick cock still hard and veined, and so big my pussy clenched, but he didn’t head in my direction. His smile was dirty and victorious, and I felt like a bunny in a snare. “Strange,” he said. “Since you have an en suite.”


I wished the ground would swallow me up.

Carl disappeared out of view, and I heard him pissing. The sound was strangely horny. I stared at Rick and he stared back at me, and he was still smiling. “It’s alright,” he said. “You can watch, it’s cool. We don’t mind.”

But I felt like such a sneaky little bitch.

I was trying to think of words, but my palms were sweaty and my fingers were twitchy. I held them together, contemplating my next move. Into the bathroom or back to bed?

A flush of a toilet and the sound of running water, and then there was Carl again, and scary hot didn’t even come close. His chest was a wall of muscle, his abs taut and defined. His thighs were thick and solid, and the V of his hips was deep and perfectly sculpted. And his cock, oh my God, his beautiful cock. Even at half-mast it was still a monster. He stared me out and worked it slowly with his hand, barely even making an effort, and yet it was swelling before my eyes, bigger and bigger, and I couldn’t stop staring.

I’d never take both of them. Never. I struggled to comprehend taking just him.

“Are you joining us?” he said, his voice hypnotically low.

I didn’t have a voice at all, trapped in the headlights.

He smiled and it was a dirty smile. “Rick needs to come. He’d appreciate your help.”

I tore my eyes from Carl, and Rick was still smiling, his posture relaxed.

“So, how about it, pony girl?” Carl asked. “Are you joining us, or not?”

And suddenly I was aware that he was staring at my tits, or more precisely my nipples that were poking through thin satin. He licked his lips, and my poor heart. It jumped and hammered, and my mouth was dry and my pussy was soaking wet. Rick rolled onto his back and took hold of his dick, and there was a glint of metal in the lamplight.

“Well?” Carl prompted. “What’s it to be? I’ll do the honours if you won’t.”

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