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Sugar Daddies(7)
Author: Jade West

“Only my ears.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about Rick’s cock. About the piercings, and the tats, and the glint of chrome in his mouth.

He stubbed his cigarette in the ashtray. “Better go back in.”

I nodded, but took his wrist as he made to pass. “How many times have you done this?”

“Women?” He stared at me. “Five from Sugar Daddy. A few before it.”

Wow! “None of them worked out?”

“Some.” He looked through the window, checking for Carl. “One we really liked. It’s a long story.” He moved his hand, took my fingers in his. “None of them worked out, no.” He smiled and moved closer, and my breath stopped as his mouth paused just an inch from mine. “I’m pleased they didn’t, though, to be honest.”

“You are?”

His body touched to mine, fingers trailing up my back, and it was scorching. Chemistry. Fucking chemistry.

“I’m really pleased they didn’t,” he said. “Because not one of them made me feel half as excited as you have since you walked through our door.”

I willed him to kiss me, just to feel the warmth of his mouth on mine, just to see. Just to feel. Just to squash the nerves, and the tension and the excitement. But he didn’t.

“Carl will be waiting,” he said.



I could see them through the window. Enough of them to know Rick had the hots for Little Miss Horsey.

It made me smirk to myself. Rick, with his heart on his sleeve. Literally as well as figuratively. His tattoos were full of them. Hearts and stars and weird patterns.

I wondered if he’d kissed her yet.

The flush on their faces as they came back inside made me consider it, but no. We have boundaries, and Rick sticks to them.


It means everything.

I refilled Katie’s glass, and she chugged another load back as though it wasn’t vintage. I liked that about her already. She lacked any kind of pretence. She was spirited, and free. Classy, without being stuck up.

A body to fucking die for.

And a sparkle in her eyes that made it clear she wanted this.

Correction. A sparkle in her eyes that made it clear she wanted Rick. They always wanted Rick. Rick is fun, and sexy, and puts people at ease. Me not so much.

I could live with that. I didn’t give a shit about that. But I did give a shit about time. Six months was too long to wait, six months was wasted time, a stupid dance that could lead to a fat pile of frustration.

Six months was unacceptable.

I needed to know she could deliver, and I needed to know a fuck of a lot quicker than six bastard months.

Rick wiggled his eyebrows at me, and Katie was attached to him, her hand in his. They’d be fucking already if I wasn’t here, and I knew it.

“Have you eaten?” I asked, and she nodded.

“I grabbed something before I came over.”

“Do you need to call anyone, let them know you’re still in one piece?”

She shook her head. “I’m all good. Mum’s at work. I’m a big girl, she doesn’t worry about me.”

“She’s your mother. Mothers worry.” I raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve never given her cause to worry,” she said. “This is way above my usual level of crazy.”

“You’re quite safe,” I said. “A risk that paid off.”

“Yeah.” She smiled, but her eyes were on Rick. “It did.”


Drink always makes conversation so much easier. I kept my head, holding back on the wine while Rick knocked back the beers, and Katie loosened up on a couple of glasses of red. I let them talk, and I watched. I always watch.

Rick told her about graphic design, and made her laugh about some of his clients. Only Rick can make work funny like that. He asked her about her uni course, and her friends, and her horse.

She showed him a thousand pictures, but only showed me one.

She asked him a thousand questions, but only asked me a couple.

She touched his arm a hundred times, but kept her body an ocean away from mine.

Yet her eyes kept finding me, and kept staring, and there were nerves there, intoxicating nerves that tempted me to say fuck it, and grab hold of her tight little body and pound the fuck out of her over the kitchen island. I did nothing, just watched.

I checked my watch when they went out for another cigarette, and the time was getting on. Midnight called, and the stakes were getting higher. To fuck or not to fuck.

Her choice, and I couldn’t call it.

She was under his arm when they came back in this time, his fingers trailing the soft skin of her forearm. She was resting against him easily, her smile bright and body relaxed. It made me feel surprisingly irritated, an outcast in my own kitchen, even though I knew the idea was ludicrous.

Rick’s eyes told me the idea was ludicrous.

He grabbed another beer from the fridge and this time he came to my side, pressed his body against mine, his hands on my waist. Katie watched, and her pupils were big, the wine making her openly curious.

She was picturing us fucking, I could tell. I could practically see us behind her eyeballs. No doubt I’d be on top, Rick squirming under me while I pounded his hot little asshole.

She’d have that much right.

On cue she crossed her legs, and I watched the press of her thighs as she clenched.

She’d be wet. Wet and tight. Nervous and needy.

We should take her. Fuck her until she squealed like a wanton little bitch and earned her thousand.

Rick’s breath was in my ear. “Bedtime soon?”

I nodded. “Definitely soon.” I stared at Katie, loving the way she blushed with wine and self-consciousness. “Will you be wanting the spare room?”

She twiddled her hair in her fingers, and it wasn’t meant to be provocative, I’m certain of it, just absent-minded, but I felt it right the way through my cock. “I think so,” she said. “If that’s alright? I mean, I’ll stay with you, just, the first night is…”

“It’s cool,” Rick said. “We get it. Spare room is fine.”

I didn’t say a word, and there was no point.

We’d put her in the spare room, and she’d wriggle her way under the covers and pretend that’s where she wanted to be, and maybe it would be.

But not for long.

She was too curious, and too excited, and her body wanted Rick too fucking much to stay put.

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