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Sugar Daddies(4)
Author: Jade West

“This is… surreal…” I managed. “It feels so different in real life.” I checked myself. “Not bad different. Just different.”

“We should go through to the lounge,” a deep voice said. “It’s more comfortable.”

My heart pounded.

I followed him mutely, with a paper smile on my face all the way. I chose a seat in the far corner, a big white leather armchair that swallowed me up. Rick took one of the pouffes beside me, arranging himself casually with his legs kicked out towards mine. Carl took the chair opposite, and there was nothing casual whatsoever about him. He sat forward in his seat, with purpose, eyes on mine.

“Do you have any questions?”

Plenty. But I couldn’t think of a single one besides the obvious. Are you going to fuck me now? Here? On your lounge rug while my heart pounds ten to the dozen? Are you going to insist I take two cocks right from the off, and judge me if I squeal? Are you going to be disappointed when I wimp out of anal and cry that it’s been a while?

Am I going to be good enough?

I pictured my dreams, everything I’d ever wanted, and all the ways they’d seemed impossible before I’d stumbled across the Sugar Daddies article in Glitz magazine.

I needed to be good enough for this.

I took another sip of water and focused my mind.

Questions. He wanted questions.

“I have a few,” I said.

And then the questions came.



I started with the innocuous. “You guys have been together three years?”

Carl stared at me, and my heart wouldn’t stop pounding. “I’m sure Rick filled you in.”

So much for an ice breaker.

Rick took a breath, and smiled all the brighter. “Three years, yeah. Met through adult hook up, just for threesomes, and when things didn’t work out for Carl and Melanie we just kept on going with other women until one day we kept on going without. Just us.” He leaned back on the pouffe and I admired the swirls of colour on his forearms. “But we don’t want just us. We’re far too greedy and far too bi.” He laughed a little, and behind the warmth of his smile I caught a hint of nerves.

Carl cleared his throat. “Our routine makes it challenging to find women compatible with our… requirements. Hence we were advertising.”

Were advertising. The choice of tense didn’t go unnoticed.

“Makes sense,” I said. “So much is online these days. Dating made simple…”

Green eyes pierced me. “We haven’t found it to be all that simple so far. I’m hoping that’s about to change.”

My skin was burning, and I hoped I wasn’t pinking up. I brushed my hair back, feigned confidence. “I hope so, too.” I took a sip of water and decided to go all in. “So, these… requirements? What are they?”

Rick leaned forward in a heartbeat, all ready to start talking, but Carl spoke first.

“We want a woman who will share our preferences in the bedroom, indulge us often, and keep us in pleasant company outside of it. We want a relationship without drama, without endless questioning about where this is going, or what’s going on, or concerns over pointless mundane trivialities.” He paused, his eyes on my bare knees. “We want a woman who can accommodate us both at once.” Another pause, and those smouldering eyes felt like they were prising my legs open.

“Yes, of course,” I said, as if he’d just asked for extra sugar in his tea.

“We want someone who can stay neutral to both of us, who isn’t going to get notions of falling in love with just one man. We don’t have time for that kind of emotional involvement. We want someone we both find attractive, who turns us both on. A lot.” He smiled, and he had such perfect teeth. “It’s safe to say you tick those boxes.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I said the obvious. “Thank you.”

His eyes looked me up and down, and my confidence faltered. “What about you, Katie? What are your requirements?”

Shit. “I want…” I took another sip of water to ease my throat. “I want to experiment. I want a dynamic I can be comfortable in…”

“And two cocks?” Carl smirked. “You want to feel two dicks in your pussy at once, yes? As per your message. We enjoyed your message.”

Rick shot him a glare. “She wants to get to know us, Carl. She’s only just walked through the bloody door.”

“She is getting to know us. I’m just stating the obvious, why not call a spade a spade?”

Rick scowled at him. “Why not just have a drink and relax?”

“Because that’s not why we’re here.” Carl fixed me back in his gaze and I found myself licking my dry lips. “That is what you want, isn’t it? Two men at once?”

I nodded, certain the blush was creeping up my cheeks. “It’s… it’s my fantasy…”

“And now that we’re all here, in the same room, is it still your fantasy? How about it, Katie, do we measure up to your fantasy?”

Rick visibly squirmed, and his eyes were full of apology, but I didn’t mind. I had metal. I had to have metal, or I wouldn’t last five minutes of this crazy shit.

“Yes, it’s still my fantasy. You’re a very attractive couple.”

Carl nodded, seemingly appeased, and I felt strangely satisfied by his approval. “Good.” He got to his feet and stepped away, grabbing an envelope from a corner cabinet. He handed it over. “Our paperwork.”

Shit really was getting real. I pulled my own envelope from my bag and offered it to him. His fingers touched mine as he took it and I swear I felt the spark. He gave me a nod as if he’d felt it too.

I pulled out their documentation, STI test results less than a month old. They were clean, both of them. Carl had already finished with my paperwork by the time I’d finished. He offered it to Rick, but Rick waved it away. “We should have had a drink,” he said. “Sorry.”

I shrugged. “Better to get the formalities out of the way, right?”

He went to answer but Carl started up again. “You’re on the pill?”

I nodded. “Yes. I’m very careful.”

“And you’re comfortable with this being an exclusive arrangement? No other partners on the side.”

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