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To Hate Adam Connor(5)
Author: Ella Maise

“Well, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. Geez, Olive. Victim of love here, remember?”




Another Hollywood Marriage Bites the Dust

Two months ago we brought you the sad news of Adam Connor (28) and Adeline Connor (26) calling it quits, and it was no surprise that it shocked everyone in the industry. To be honest, some of us were thinking it was a PR setup to promote Adeline’s latest movie, but unfortunately, today we got news that the couple signed the final divorce papers that ended their love story, which started almost six years ago.

After all these weeks, we still have no idea what the breaking point was for the stars. Sources close to the couple have different views as to what went wrong in the marriage, but so far we can’t confirm anything. There is only one thing everyone agrees on and that is that there was no cheating going on. To that end, through their short-lived marriage, neither Adeline nor Adam have been caught with another love interest by the herd of paparazzi that always follows them around.

To jog your memory, the love-struck couple got married after dating for over a year. Adeline Young was only twenty-one years old when she said yes and quietly got married to the attractive actor in Paris with only a few family members in attendance, and only seven months later she gave birth to their now five-year-old son, Aiden. As you all know, Adam Connor is the son of Helena Connor and Nathan Connor, the legendary Hollywood couple. While their daughter, Victoria Connor, didn’t follow in the footsteps of her parents by becoming an actress, Adam Connor has been in the acting world since he turned fourteen and his first movie The Poison of Family became a blockbuster.

Despite all the drama they must be dealing with, Adam prefers to stay quiet when presented with questions about his marriage. However, an insider told us, “After months of being heartbroken about the breakup, Adeline is finally ready to move on. To do so, she is getting ready to do a press conference and answer all the questions the media has about her marriage to Adam and why it had to end.”

On the flipside, when we tried to reach Adam Connor’s reps for a comment, we couldn’t get an answer about anything related to his marriage to Adeline. All we could get out of the family’s longtime friend and publicist was that Adam wanted to give all his focus and attention to their son, Aiden, during and after the divorce. The pair has joint custody of their son, but from the whispers we’ve been hearing, we’re not so sure it will stay that way for long.

Who wants full custody and why? That seems to be the million-dollar question here. If the couple really were on good terms after their divorce, why would they prepare to fight for custody over their only son?

On a better note, we just confirmed that Adam Connor has purchased the estate next to our favorite newlywed couple, Jason and Olive Thorn. The hot, brooding star was photographed leaving the premises of his new house with his son, Aiden, just yesterday.

If you have good money tucked away, we would suggest you to look into buying a house, a shed, whatever you can get your hands on in Bel Air. Two of the sexiest movie stars in Hollywood living side by side with only a stone wall separating them? Sure, okay, one of them might not be available anymore, but Adam Connor is free as a bird, ladies. Wouldn’t you give all your life savings to be his neighbor? We certainly would!



Chapter Two


“Shhh, be quiet,” I whispered urgently.

“Shhh yourself! I didn’t do anything.”

“I didn’t say you did something, I said be quiet. You’re gonna ruin this before we even get the chance to see anything,” I hissed at Olive. She huffed, probably annoyed with me, but stayed quiet as we carried the enormous ladder toward the stone wall of their property.

Hours had passed since we left Jameson’s apartment, and I had officially moved into my friend’s guest room. As promised, we’d already celebrated the move and the breakup with multiple shots of tequila and several margaritas each. We might have also used the screening room as our own karaoke bar and slaughtered a few songs along the way, but we chalked our bad performances up to bad weather because normally we slayed any and all songs.

While we were lying around and examining the ceilings, Olive got a text from Jason saying he would be late to our little pity party, which was exactly when I remembered it was a bad idea to let Olive drink more than four shots of tequila. After I consoled a crying Olive—she was crying because Jason was going to be late—she decided it was a brilliant idea to get the ladder we’d seen the gardeners use earlier and check out Adam Connor’s side of the wall—the hottie movie star who had moved in a few months ago. Who was I to say no to such a good plan? Our plan didn’t include spying on him or anything—I mean, obviously we weren’t stalkers, we just wanted to see what his house looked like, you know, because houses are really important. It’s always a mark in the winning column if you have a roof over your head.

And if by dumb luck we saw him walking around half-naked—or hopefully fully naked—well, it wouldn’t be our fault we were looking then, would it? The blame would lie solely on his shoulders.

So that’s how we ended up in Olive’s backyard, carrying that damn ladder.

“What if he is naked, Lucy? What do we do?”

“Umm, make sure he is naked by his own will? It’s practically indecent exposure, but we’ll skip calling the cops, I think.”

“Are you being serious?”

“Of course I’m not! Be careful, watch where you’re going—there’s a tree behind you.”

After giving me the stink eye, she glanced over her shoulder and narrowly avoided the trunk of the tree. “Oh, thanks.”

I smiled and shook my head. Jason was about to get one hell of a surprise when he found his wife drunk off her ass.

When we were close enough, I slowly lowered my end of the ladder. “Don’t let go, okay? We need to lean it against the wall.”

“I know what we need to do, stop bossing me around. And will you please stop hitting my bush!”

“Geez, Olive, I’m getting shredded by your stupid bush here, and you’re not even worried that I might die from severe blood loss.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t die from a few scratches. Plus, this whole thing was your idea, I’m gonna keep repeating that when Jason comes home and busts us.” She sing-songed her last sentence while I was trying my best to get away from the deadly bush.

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