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Touching Ice (Cyborg Seduction #4)
Author: Laurann Dohner

Cyborg Seduction series

Chapter One

The female voice had a high-pitched Southern accent that grated on Megan’s last nerve. Whoever the programmer had been who had last worked on the station had obviously been a man with a sick, twisted sense of humor since he’d given the computer the most annoying voice he could download. He’d also had a thing for teaching Clara—the computer that ran Folion— how to be a smartass. Because of the state-of-the-art, artificial-intelligence chips that made up the computer’s “brain”, it was capable of learning.

“You have committed violations since the ship arrived at dock six, sugar.”

“I keep telling you to stop calling me that. My name is Megan.”

“Don’t get your panties in a bind.”

“I could take you offline for maintenance, you know.” The computer went silent for a few seconds. “That would be another violation. I’m keeping track.”

“Bite me, Clara.”

“I don’t have teeth, sugar, or I might be tempted. Is it that time of the month?” Oh yeah, Megan thought. If I ever meet the guy who had this job before me, I’m going to kill him for screwing up a perfectly good computer. She took a deep breath as she counted to ten. It didn’t help cool her temper by much but at least she wasn’t ready to try to escape the employee quarters and travel three decks to yank out Clara’s motherboards.

Her attention returned to one of the screens where the sexiest man she’d ever seen slowly dressed. It should be a crime to cover up that perfect, dusky-gray body, she decided.

He was unlike anything she’d ever seen and her one bright spot in a dismal job working as the programmer on Folion. She’d been desperate enough to transfer to a floating whorehouse in space four months ago since she’d needed the higher salary to pay off debts. No one had told her she couldn’t leave the employee quarters, couldn’t interact with other living beings, or that she’d have to put up with Clara’s annoying artificial personality.

“It is against regulations to turn the cameras on in the client rooms. Master never did.”

Megan rolled her sky-blue eyes. “Stop calling the last programmer that. He shouldn’t have ordered you to do that. Why aren’t you bitching about him breaking the rules? Did you screech about violations he committed?”

“He is incredibly handsome and sexy.”

Megan snorted immediately. “He’s probably some pathetic troll who couldn’t get laid if he had a ton of credits.”



Laurann Dohner

“He had sex with the bots.”

“There’s a huge violation. How the hell did he do that?”

“He changed my programming. I am forbidden to keep records or report the employees for making personal use of the bots.”

“Well, there’s one violation I’ll never commit. They are all female and I don’t do women robots.”

“They are artificial-intelligence, sexual-aid androbots. That is the official title the company has assigned them but you may call them bots for short. Master always did.”

“I feel a headache coming on,” Megan muttered, watching the sexy man put on his boots.

His hair was wet from the fresh-water shower he’d taken—one of the many luxuries aboard the expensive Folion—making it appear darker. When dry, it became a beautiful white-ash color. Most people would have just called it white but the streaks of light gray were something that Megan didn’t miss. The sex bot moved across the room to smile at him. Her lips moved as she spoke to the client but he shook his head.

“The client has refused more service,” Clara stated. “The man you illegally watch having intercourse with the bots is preparing to leave.” She paused. “You will have to wait until he returns to violate company rules and infringe on his privacy again. You are making a habit of it each time this client pays for service.”

“Shut up.”

“Do you know the client?”

“I wish.”


The man on the screen closed his shirt as he headed for the door. Depression hit Megan hard. Three months ago, she’d accidentally spotted the guy on a security feed when he’d forgotten to remove a gun he wore. It had sounded an alarm and brought him to her attention when Clara had ordered him to return the weapon to his shuttle.

Those few minutes of staring at that beautiful, burnished-gray face had done things to Megan that she didn’t want to admit. His image had burned into her mind.

He was a cyborg, something that shouldn’t exist anymore. Everyone on Earth had been assured they’d been killed off but obviously that had been a lie. Is he alone? Is that why he visits a whorehouse staffed with androbots who are programmed to never keep records or report who visits them? A real woman probably poses a threat to his secret existence.

“Clarify,” the computer screeched.

“Shut up. I just meant that I’m lonely and the guy is hot.”

“You are horny and desire to have sex with a client. That is a violation I am not programmed to overlook. I would have to immediately contact the company if you left these quarters. Not even Master violated that rule. Unless it is an emergency, the bulkheads are to remain sealed between this section and the rest of Folion where the clients have access.”



Touching Ice

“Who made that stupid rule?”

“Four years ago there was a hijack attempt and the programmer was extinguished when he refused to order me to pilot us into deep space away from help. Androbots would sell extremely high on the black market so we are always at risk of attempted theft. Company policy implemented the separation to protect you from harm and doesn’t allow the clients to know there is a human aboard to monitor all the bots and to adjust our programming if we malfunction. All clients are told that Folion is one-hundred-percent automated to protect you.”

“I’m not leaving this section. I said I wish. That means it’s something I’d like but I’m never going to get. Besides that, he looks way too big. That bot is five foot ten and he’s taller by a good four inches. I like my men on the smaller side—not too tall, and definitely not big enough to pancake me if he rolls on top.”

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