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Redeeming Zorus (Cyborg Seduction #6)
Author: Laurann Dohner

Cyborg Seduction series


“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Charlie glared at her brother. “No way in hell.”

“They are willing to pay a fortune if we do this. We’d be set for life, could leave Earth, and go settle on Saturn. It’s not a shithole and did I mention how much money these guys offered to rescue this thing?”

“We couldn’t spend a credit of it even if I could pull it off because dead people don’t buy stuff, Russell. We’d be fugitives and if you think I could get that thing out of there without tipping them off that I’m the one who did it, think again. I know the security measures they have since I installed most of them.”

“That’s why you’re the only person who can do it, Charlie. Come on, baby sis.” He gave her a pleading look.

“Stop it. That doesn’t work on me.”

An annoyed look twisted his features. “I gave my word we’d do it.”

“We? You mean me. You were wrong.” She ran her fingers through her thick, dark hair to push it over her shoulder and then shook her head. “I worked really hard to get where I am.” She glanced around their small apartment. “It’s not much but we’re not scraping by inside hovels anymore. We’re living in a good part of the city where we’re safe from thieves. Nobody can get past those guards outside.” Russell bit his lip. “I already took the money. I told them there would be upfront costs involved. If I don’t deliver the cyborg, they’ll kill me. I know you’re going to tell me to return the deposit but it’s been spent. I lost it gambling.” She had to take deep breaths to control the anger boiling up. She counted to ten silently. “Damn you,” she hissed. “I worked my butt off to get us out of the trouble you kept finding when we were kids. I should allow them kill you.”

“I’m all you’ve got and you love me.” He gave her a knowing smirk. “There’ll be enough money involved that Earth Government can’t touch us on Saturn.”

“You’re an idiot. Of course they can. They’ll just hire assassins to come after us.

That’s what they do when you screw with them. They are really excited about this cyborg they captured. He doesn’t appear to have aged since he escaped Earth a long time ago. Do you get that? They aren’t going to shrug this off. He’s pure gold to those scientists. It’s the most animated I’ve ever seen those jerks since I started to work there.”

“I know I’m not as smart as you.” Bitterness tinged his voice. “But I gave my word to break him out when I took their money. You have to do this or you’re killing me.” She closed her eyes, fighting tears. It had fallen onto her to take care of her older brother after their parents had been killed when she was fifteen. Russell had issues with gambling, he always ran his mouth, and it had been one bad situation after another.



Redeeming Zorus

The cyborg was a huge discovery since they were supposed to be extinct, thanks to Earth Government having killed them all decades before. Whoever had paid her brother probably valued it as much as the scientists at the Earth Government-run Gorman Medical Facility. The cyborg might be some kind of miracle cure for aging if the doctors could just figure it out.

“Charlie? I love you. I know you’ll do the correct thing.” Her eyes snapped open to glare at him. “If that were true, I wouldn’t have brought you with me when I landed the job at the facility and earned the transfer to the safer side of the city. Of course those guys you owed money would have killed you if I hadn’t. Now you’re causing me more problems. When is it enough with you? Don’t you ever get tired of ruining my life? I work hard to give us a better one but you seem just as determined to screw it up.”

“They’ll kill me and those guards downstairs won’t be able to stop them. You and I both know they’ll just bribe them to get at me, with the kind of money they have.”

“Fuck!” She sat hard in a chair and shot him another glare. “I want you to know, if we survive this, if we manage to get off Earth alive, I’m done. Do you hear me? We’ll split the money and then you’re on your own. I love you but I’m not allowing you to take me down with you again. You’ve obviously got a death wish but I want to keep breathing.”

“It hurts me to hear you say that.”

“It hurts me every time you get us into one of these messes.”

“You can do anything you set your mind to.” He inched closer to give her the look she hated most. It was the one that reminded her of when they’d been kids and he’d still been the brother she loved so deeply. “I knew you’d do the right thing for me.” She stood. “Shut up. I have to plan on how to get that thing out of there.” She paused. “He’s dangerous. For all I know, he’ll kill me the second I get him free. Did you think of that?”

“Tell him the council paid you for breaking him out and you’re the one who is going to get him off Earth. They said he’d know you were friendly then.”

“What council?” An uneasy feeling surfaced inside Charlie.

“I have no idea. That was the message they gave me to relay so he knows you’re really there to help him.”

“Who are these people?”

Russell shrugged. “I didn’t ask.”

“Maybe they are bullshitting you about the rest of the money. Did you ever think of that?”

“I’m not totally stupid. I had them put it into a trust.”

“Shit.” She shook her head. “And who is the controller of it? Some lowlife you used to run with who is going to steal it?”

“It’s Gerald.”



Laurann Dohner

Pain sliced through Charlie at the mere mention of his name. “Oh.”

“He won’t steal from us. He still feels real bad about what he did to you.” Hot tears burned behind her eyes. “How is his rich wife?”

“He hates her.”

“Good.” She decided a little satisfaction had to be better than none at all. “He doesn’t need to steal. He already gave up his soul for all the money he could ever spend.”

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