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Author: Steve Alten

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This novel is dedicated to my friend


whose incredible dedication, hard work, and belief will bring the MEG series to the big screen.






It is with great pride and appreciation that I acknowledge those who contributed to the completion of MEG: Nightstalkers.

First and foremost, many thanks to Tom Doherty, Whitney Ross, Amy Stapp, Sean Agan, and the great team at Tor/Forge. Thanks as well to my longtime literary agents, Danny Baror and Heather Baror-Shapiro at Baror International, and my dear friend and MEG movie producer, Belle Avery.

Very special thanks to Tan Ngo, 3D modeler and 2D artist (tan-artwork) whose brilliant interior images add to the reading experience, along with forensic artist William McDonald, who contributed with his amazing submarine designs. To graphic artist extraordinaire Erik Hollander at Hollander Design, Mario Lampic, and underwater photographer Malcolm Nobbs (malcolmnobbs) for the cover art.

Thanks as always to the tireless Barbara Becker for her editing and her work in the Adopt-An-Author program, as well as Robert Nash. And to my webmaster, Doug McEntyre at Millenium Technology Resources, for his excellence in preparing my monthly newsletters.

Last, to my wife and soul mate, Kim, our children, and, most of all, my readers: Thank you for your correspondence and contributions. Your comments are always a welcome treat, your input means so much, and you remain this author’s greatest asset.

—Steve Alten, Ed.D.

To personally contact the author or learn more about his novels, go to stevealten.

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Dr. Timothy Schulte

Family Wellness Center

Monterey, CA.

PATIENT: Taylor, David

AGE: 21

DATE OF SESSION: 26 September


(Transcribed from audio)

TS: David, I’d like to begin today’s session by talking about the girl who died …

DT: Kaylie.

TS: Yes, Kaylie. How long had you two known each another?

DT: Eight weeks … the summer. What difference does it make? I loved her.

TS: You never told me how she died. I know—from what little your parents have said—it was very traumatic. I think it might help if you—

DT: She was eaten.

TS: My God. Was it Bela and Lizzy? Did this happen after the Megs escaped from your facility?

DT: It wasn’t the sisters, it was a Liopleurodon. A freak of nature; it was bigger than Angel.

TS: I don’t understand. Where did it—

DT: They discovered a prehistoric sea located beneath the Philippine Sea Plate … an ecosystem that’s been around for hundreds of millions of years. Kaylie and I were hired as submersible pilots by a Dubai prince to help capture these creatures for his new marine exhibit. We’d enter the Panthalassa Sea through a borehole and bait whatever life forms chased our submersible up into the nets.

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