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Addicted (Outlaws #2)
Author: Elle Kennedy





“I miss our house.” Sighing, Piper nestled her head against Lennox’s shoulder and curled one arm around his chest. “Are you sure it’s too dangerous to go back?”


She’d been asking that same question for weeks now. Lennox was getting tired of answering it, but of all the people he’d extended his protection to over the years, Piper was one of the few he had a soft spot for. She’d turned twenty a few months ago, and despite the hard life she’d lived, her youth and innocence had been preserved. Well, maybe not the innocence – even as she voiced the question, her hand was drifting seductively toward Lennox’s waistband.


“It’s too dangerous to go back,” he confirmed. Then he chuckled and intercepted her hand before it could slide inside his pants. “And what you’re doing is equally dangerous, love.”


Her laughter warmed his ear. “Aw, come on, Lennox. How long are you going to hold out on me?”


Hmmm. Probably until he could look at her without seeing the bedraggled sixteen-year-old who’d shown up at his doorstep four years ago. He’d been twenty-three, and lusting over a teenager hadn’t felt right. Sure, Piper had grown up since then, but it was still hard for him to reconcile the skinny kid he’d taken under his wing with the gorgeous woman she’d become.


Which was ironic, because he had no problems lusting over his best friend, and he’d known her since they were both in diapers.


As if on cue, a blond head across the room swiveled in his direction, and the object of his thoughts flashed him a mischievous wink. It was as if Jamie always knew when he was thinking about her, and he had the same sixth sense about her. Growing up together had created a bond between them. They knew each other inside and out.


Though in a moment, another man would hold claim to the inside her part.


He’d known it was bound to happen after he and Jamie moved to Connor Mackenzie’s camp. In a world filled with danger and uncertainty, it was important to form alliances, and Connor was a valuable ally to have. Lennox was damn grateful for the man’s assistance.


Connor’s right-hand man, on the other hand… Lennox liked the guy, he really did, but Rylan’s flirtation with Jamie was starting to wear on his nerves.


It was Rylan who was sprawled on his back right now, his chest bare as Jamie’s fully clothed body straddled his on the frayed couch. He reached up to cup Jamie’s breasts through her shirt, summoning a moan from her rosebud lips. Even though her blue eyes went hazy with pleasure, they stayed locked with Lennox’s.


If any other woman were looking at him like that, all heavy-lidded and visibly turned on, Lennox would have sprinted over there and joined the party. But he knew Jamie wasn’t sending an invitation. She simply got off on being watched.


Watching was all he was capable of doing anyway. Jamie had been his best friend for more than twenty years. She was the only person in this fucked-up world who he trusted implicitly, who he could confide in and count on. After everything they’d been through, their friendship was rooted in feelings. Respect, admiration, affection… all those pesky emotions were too dangerous to bring into a sexual relationship. Sex was fun, but it was complicated as hell when feelings were involved.


And these days, life was already complicated enough.


For twenty-seven years, Lennox had lived and struggled in the free land, labeled an outlaw by the Global Council that ruled the Colonies with an iron fist. In order to prevent another war and ensure that the remaining natural resources weren’t squandered, the council was all about population control and enforcing rigid restrictions on its citizens. If you didn’t live in one of the four council-run cities and follow their rules, then you were considered a threat.


Lennox had never been too good at following rules. Except one: keeping his hands off his best friend. He’d already suffered too much loss. His parents, his friends, and now, thanks to an ambush by the Enforcers, his house. Jamie was important to him – he’d be damned if he lost her too.


He shifted his gaze from Jamie and Rylan, focusing instead on the back corner of the barn, which was stacked to the rafters with furniture and other random junk. The rest of the room had been cleared out and cleaned, the large space empty save for a couple of couches and an assortment of ratty old armchairs.


It was a far cry from the setup at the old place. Lennox didn’t want to depress Piper by admitting it, but he missed their house too. It was hard to consider any place “home” in the free land, but that cozy split-level had come damn close. He and Jamie had stumbled upon it after Enforcers ran them out of their camp on the coast. They’d fixed it up, scrubbed it down, and turned it into a place where other outlaws could come and bask in the little freedom they had left. Booze, sex, conversation. Simple joys, really, but thanks to the war that had devastated the globe forty years before, joy was hard to come by these days.


“I’m serious,” Piper insisted, and then her lips brushed the side of his neck. “The sexual tension is killing me.”


Lennox chuckled again. “Xander and Kade are in the lodge,” he told her. “I’m sure they’d be happy to help you relieve some tension.”


She sighed again, her fingers absently tracing the raven tattoo on his forearm. “You’re no fun, Lennox. You never want to entertain me.”


He reached out and tweaked a strand of her brown hair. “I’m not here to entertain you, love. I’m here to take care of you.”


“Yeah, I guess that’s true.” Her voice softened. “And you’ve taken really good care of me, Len. I can never repay you for everything you’ve done.”


“Seeing you happy and safe is the only repayment I’ve ever wanted,” he said gruffly.


That got him another kiss – a loud smack on his cheek. “Ha, you’re such a softie. I don’t know why you bother acting like a badass all the time. Everyone can see right through you.”

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