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Rendan (Dragons of Preor #4)
Author: Celia Kyle




Violence is never the answer… unless you’re a Preor warrior.

Rendan sen Tarkan, Offense Master to the Preor Third Fleet, has found his human mate. She is small compared to him, but her curves, delicious scent, and sky blue eyes call out to his soul. He has waited for a female for over two centuries and he will fight—kill—any who dare attempt to take her. Even one of his own males.

One moment Carla was unemployed and the next she was on the Preor battleship, working as a nurse for human-Preor mates. Oh, and the next moment? That was when she found her sexy, alien pink-scaled mate. Then she watched the muscular dragon shifter get beat to hell. And then she was assigned a condo in Preor Tower on Earth. The person in the condo next door? That sexy, alien pink-scaled male.

Learning about the proud alien warrior isn’t trouble free, but it’s easier than almost dying. Yeah, almost. But the Preor who tried to end her life? Well, he doesn’t quit easily. She only hopes Rendan is there to save her when the alien tries to end her life once again.






In many ways, Carla was a pushover. A good glare could send her scurrying away, and a solid frown would have her backing into a corner. She didn’t even want to think about how she reacted when someone yelled at her.

She was not a pretty crier.

But under certain circumstances, she had a backbone of steel. Specifically, when she worked on a patient. When she gloved up and got her nurse on, she was all business and absolutely zero patience.

Wait, that was a lie. She was the liarest of liars. She had to amend those ballsy thoughts. Oh, they still applied—most of the time. Just not when she was on a Preor ship surrounded by Preor warriors—big, winged, deadly, highly skilled, dragon-shifting, Preor warriors.

And at the moment, her definition of “surrounded” meant two—two Preors.

Healing Master Whelon stood behind her, peering over Carla’s shoulder while she worked. The massive, gray Preor was nice… but massive. Silver hair, tanned skin, and wide-spreading wings accented his size. They combined with his broad, bare chest and clinging katoth—similar to Earth leather—pants. The fact that his coloring was similar to the ship’s walls just added to his imposing presence.

He’d never done anything to her—never shouted, glared, or snarled. He’d been nothing but gracious and overjoyed when she’d joined the Preor staff as a nurse specifically meant to care for the human-Preor mates onboard. That couldn’t banish the fear, though.

Fear of large men and the damage they could cause.

The other Preor looming over the med platform was equally intimidating. Not necessarily because of his size, but his coloring—red. He had deep red hair that looked nearly black, the same tanned skin as other Preors, and then blood red wings. Just as Whelon had been newly appointed to the position of healing master, Yazen had been recently granted primary healer status.

Carla leaned forward, farther from Whelon and closer to the holographic display that covered the platform. Today, she was going over the intricacies of human female anatomy and the effects Preor offspring could have during pregnancy.

Of course, until she examined Lana joi Taulan Coburn, she wasn’t sure what the effects were. The woman was the first human to be impregnated by a Preor and everyone was worried about the merging of the species.

It was why, when Carla had gone to Preor Tower to check on her ex-boss, she’d found herself whisked away to the Preor battleship. She’d gone from “Is Grace okay? She kind of disappeared with one of your winged guys.” to now living and working on the ship.

Which, since she’d been fired recently, kind of rocked. But being one of the few women—and the only unmated one—on the ship was weird. She’d been with the Preor for a week now, and she was still acclimating to the way her life had changed so drastically.

She cleared her throat, stylus directing their gazes. “If you look here, this patient—“

“It is a holographic representation of your Earth text titled…”

She breathed in deeply and released it slowly, her mind fighting with her continued frustration at Yazen’s interruptions. Her agitation had her speaking with a sharp edge, but her pervasive fear forced her attention to remain on the glowing shape before her. “I understand. However, for this exercise, we agreed to treat the display as a patient.”

The ruffle of wings, a sure sign of a Preor’s emotions, made her freeze in place. Her muscles tensed, heartbeat stuttering, and her lungs seized. When no one said a word—the rustling ceasing and both men remaining silent—she forced her mouth open and returned to her lesson.

“A human woman’s body forms an amniotic sack inside her uterus, which is connected to her uterine wall via the placenta.” She tapped a few buttons and zoomed in on the patient’s midsection. “You can see here that the umbilical cord then leads to the fetus’ abdomen—“

“Fetus?” Yazen interrupted her again.

“Pre-birth dragonlet?” She tried to put it into terms he could understand.

“It is not simply a dragonlet no matter its status?” Whelon added in.

“Humans label stages of development so that we have a baseline to compare the progression of a pregnancy and determine if there are any abnormalities.” Both men stared at her, their gazes heavy on her shoulders, and it was obvious they still didn’t get it. “They also help in pinpointing where exactly a woman is having problems during her pregnancy. On average, twenty-two percent of fertilized eggs fail to implant. Even for those that do, there’s a thirty-one percent chance the pregnancy could end with a miscarriage. Regardless of those statistics, a woman only has a thirty percent chance of getting pregnant when having sex regularly.”

Carla stared at the projection, inundated with memories of past patients and their tears when a heartbeat couldn’t be found. Their disappointment with another negative pregnancy test. The emotional roller coasters. The sobs. The pleas.

“Miss-care…” Yazen sounded out the word.

“She loses the fetus. For whatever reason, the body spontaneously expulses the child.”

Silence descended and she lifted her attention to the men. Whelon and Yazen were staring at one another, their eyes wide with disbelief. “Do Preor females not…”

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