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Womanizer (Manwhore #4)(3)
Author: Katy Evans


Me: My favorite bro? So he’ll give me time to file my nails and watch reality TV while at work? No thanks, I’d rather earn my place.


T.R.: K. Let me know when you miss being a princess and I’ll see what I can do.


Me: Promise.


T.R.: Speak of the devil, got a dinner with your boss tonight.


Me: Please don’t talk about me, I told you no special treatment because I’m your sister


T.R.: And I heard you the first time.


Me: Okay promise me!


T.R.: Sis, believe it or not we do have other things to talk about than you.


Me: Really? Then stop bugging me. I’m fine! I’m more than fine. Don’t smother me, that’s what Mom is for.


T.R.: I’d say we’re done now.

Call me or Regina if you need anything.


Me: If I don’t lose your numbers.


T.R.: HA.


I remember Gina has a key and she must’ve left the popcorn there for me. I have the Garrett Mix popcorn for dinner and groan the whole time, even when I lick the remainder off my fingertips, then I wander into my bedroom, surprised to see a small basket of condoms on the bed.


Liv, don’t tell Tahoe I left this, I just want to be sure you’ll be smart about anything.

Love, Gina


I laugh and look at all the condom flavors in here, all of them in an extra-large size. I don’t even wonder why Gina decided that is the most usual size because I’m pretty sure it’s not, but okay. I hide the basket behind one of my picture frames on the lower shelf of the nightstand and then call my parents to finally tell them I’m settled in.

“All okay over there, Olivia? Did your brother help you settle in?”

“Mom. Any more and he and Gina will be moving in with me.” I groan, but I laugh, too, so grateful to have a family that loves and supports me. I know nobody wants better for me than my family. I love my family, and I want them to be proud of me.



I wake up before the alarm clock, that’s how nervous I am.

It’s not only because I’ll be facing my first official job, but because of where. I know the experience at Carma will give me an edge for when I go back to Radisson Investments and, later, create my own firm. Learning from the toughest raiding firm in the country will teach me the dirty games companies play—so I can learn how to stop them and protect the companies I hope to serve. But although I’m determined to learn as much as I can, I know that I need to make sure I walk away from Carma three months from now without losing my soul.

I don’t want the experience to make me ruthless, like the rumors say about everyone who works at Carma.

I dress the part, though. Sharp corporate uniform: pencil skirt matched with a form-fitting cropped jacket. My hair back in a ponytail, low at my nape. It’s elegant and it’s sleek and I like how my hair feels close to my neck; it warms me. I’m very sensitive there. Any air at my nape tickles me. Next are pumps and pearl earrings. I want to accessorize, like using scarfs and bandanas on my ponytails and buns, but this isn’t college. This is life now.

It’s a hot, windy day in Chicago as I step out of the cab and look up at the building of Carma, Inc.

If the company’s reputation isn’t enough to intimidate you, the building should be.

Soaring high at over fifty-something floors, it not only seems to swallow me up as I stand on the sidewalk before its imposing glass doors, it also spreads out, side to side, to encompass the entire block.


I can’t believe this is where I will be working.

Today I’m to be briefed, along with a dozen other interns, on my duties.

I inhale, clutching my briefcase a little tighter to my chest.

Okay, then.

I lower my briefcase, and walk inside to my first official job.

Butterflies flap in my stomach as I ride the elevator to my floor. I see myself dressed in the required uniform. Goodness. I look scared. Get a grip, Livvy! I’m not sure if I will meet him today. Or ever. I don’t want my brother’s favor to extend to any special treatment and I made that clear, which means Tahoe probably made it clear to Callan Carmichael. I’m a working girl now.

Still I hope to do such a good job that he’ll eventually hear about me. Oh yes, he’ll be quite happy he brought me on!

All right, first day.

Thankfully, I will only have a first day here once.



Only a day in, and I’ve already heard about the newest takeover. It’s talked about in the cafeteria and in every phone call my boss receives for the day. I’ve been assigned to the research department, working for Mr. Henry Lincoln. He is a kindly, historian-looking middle-aged man with a shiny bald head and a gruff voice, but warm eyes that always seem to stare off into space as if he’s thinking of something else.

I’m assisting him in his research. He’s one of Carmichael’s most genius minds, and it is our job to find the businesses that require Carmichael’s definite attention.

I’m not a girl who wants to specialize in takeovers, but to find companies that need help and find ways to acquire that help for them. But in order to do what I want to do in the future, I figured the best way to build a company up is to know how companies are usually taken down, and why. Reviewing each leg of a business and finding the weak spots is how sharks like Carmichael topple them and claim ownership. But finding the weak spot can also help me learn ways to rebuild and strengthen until—voilà—you have a healthy business again.

Part of the day I’m overwhelmed wondering if I’m cut out for this and desperate not to fail. Coffee, notes, folders, research.

Hostile takeovers are the name of the game. I need to research info on positioning—whether the business we’re after is listed on the Dow or NASDAQ, investors, company history, capital investment, cash influx, costs of running, the works.

I have nine-to-five hours, but I linger today until 6 p.m., helping Mr. Lincoln finish the stacks of folders for the presentation with Carmichael and his board tomorrow.

I’m bringing the last set of copies from the copy room on the third floor along with Lincoln’s fifth coffee when I set them on his desk—and spill his coffee right down my required gray jacket.

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