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Cocksure (Cocksure #1)(8)
Author: K.I. Lynn

I want this man to drag me to the floor and thrust into me until my screams are heard all over the city. I still can’t believe I’m doing this. Too late to turn back, and I wouldn’t anyway.

I want this. Need him now. Niko is exactly what I need right at this moment, and I’m not going to allow myself to go there. There is no way I’m stopping this now.

“Let me down,” I say as I unhook my legs.

“Don’t want to,” he groans against my lips.

I reach between us and pull his belt through the buckle. “I can’t suck your cock from up here.”

His eyes widen, nostrils flare, and I can feel him twitch against my fingers. In two seconds, my feet are on the ground and he’s furiously grasping at his belt. Cupping my face, he brings my lips to his while he finishes getting his pants open. He curses when he does and I look down, my eyes popping wide.

“Oh,” I say and look back up at him.

That smirk draws up again, and I gather up my courage before dropping to my knees. It’s been years since I had a first time with a man, and suddenly I’m very insecure about my abilities.

The cock in front of me is even bigger than I imagined. I can’t help but stare, my mouth slack as I run my hand up and down the length. There aren’t many I have to compare him with, but it really is just as perfect as the rest of him.

“If you keep staring at it like that, I’m just going to shove it down your throat.”

My gaze flashes up to him and I lean forward, pressing the flat of my tongue against him before giving it a little flick at the end. A groan falls from his lips as his hand moves to rest on the back of my head.

“That is the best sight I’ve ever seen,” he says as I wrap my lips around the head, and I look up at him.

My hands are wrapped around his shaft, pumping him as I work him into my mouth. Maybe one day I’ll be able to take him all in, but today is only the top three or four inches. I stop myself from asking the cliché, “How is it going to fit?” I’m far from a virgin and I know it will fit, but only now that I have him in my hands do I realize how much bigger he is than other guys I’ve been with.

A shudder rolls through me with just the thought of how good he’s going to feel inside me.

“I bet you do some damage with this beast,” I say when I come up for a breath.

He’s breathing hard as he looks down at me, his eyes dark, and his lips twitch up into that sexy smirk that makes me wonder if I’ve just issued a challenge. Crossing his arms over his torso, he grabs the hem of his shirt and pulls it up and over his head.

I lean forward and absentmindedly suck on him while I stare up at his chest. It’s just as muscular as I imagined. He’s gotten broader in the shoulders, large pecs, and solid abs. There’s a firefighter’s emblem tattoo on his shoulder, and I spot some Greek lettering on his ribs.

“My turn,” he says. He grips my wrist and pulls, helping me up before once again picking me up. His lips are immediately back on mine, but this time he holds me close, letting me hang as he walks me to the bed.

The mattress presses against my legs before he leans over and drops me the last few inches.

“You get the jeans, I’ll get your boots,” he says as he unzips one boot. A swift tug, and then he drops it to the ground before moving to the other boot.

All the while I’ve barely gotten my jeans unbuttoned, enthralled by the way his muscles flex. Finally, my jeans are undone, and I push them past my hips and butt. He doesn’t let me get much further and tugs on them, taking my socks with them. They join the floor with everything else, leaving me in just my thong and my bra.

Hungry eyes take me in before his body is covering mine, lips crashing into me. His mouth moves down my neck, igniting my skin. A light scrape of his teeth, the softness of his lips, and the flexing of his touch has me in overdrive.

Niko is touching me like he’s trying to devour me.


My crappy day, crappy month . . . maybe it was all worth it to have this man. Even if it’s just one night, I’m all he wants.

“Fuck, Alyson, I can’t wait to taste you,” he says, and it’s the cold reminder that he isn’t with me, with Everly.

I’m Alyson, if just for the night. It messes with my fantasy night, which never included another woman’s name. I push it away, instead focusing on his hands and the way he practically rips my panties from me.

There’s no pause, the quick breeze against my exposed pussy before his mouth is on me. My back arches, and I cry out as his tongue flicks against my clit.


My outburst only seems to incite him, and he delves in with fervor. Not just my clit, but all of my pussy. Niko has a very talented tongue.

His whole mouth, whole body . . . Jesus, I’m so screwed.

Almost instantly I lose track of time. It could be hours, days, or even just a few seconds, but time seems to have no meaning under his touch.

One of his hands slides up my back, but I’m too focused on what he’s doing to my pussy to notice until suddenly my bra is loose. The back is undone with one flick of his wrist, and his hand slides around and under the fabric. His fingers dance across my skin, spreading the fire until he ghosts my nipple.

A quick strum of his finger and my whole body jumps, my nipple hardening and sending a zing straight to my clit.

“Shit!” I cry out as I recover from the surprise and pull my arms from the straps, leaving yet another piece of clothing on the floor.

The double sensation is so powerful, his mouth so sensually aggressive, that my hands shoot to his hair, fisting it. It’s leverage to pull him in, to move him exactly where I need him. He knows the sign and dives deeper, groaning against my clit.

There. There.

“Yes, yes,” I whisper over and over until it’s just sound that crescendos into a scream as I come against his mouth.

It takes a few convulsive jerks before my fingers release him and I relax back down on the bed.

Fuck. I can’t remember the last time I came that hard.

“Damn, that was sexy,” Niko says, licking his lips.

I’m trying to breathe again, a complete mess on his bed. In my periphery, I can see him pushing his jeans down his legs before climbing back on the bed and over me. He kisses up my body, nipping and sucking my nipples as he crawls up.

“Perfect tits,” he says with a groan.

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