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Cocksure (Cocksure #1)(5)
Author: K.I. Lynn

“Um . . . Hi, how are you?” Um hi, how are you? What the fuck am I, sixteen? If Cam were here, I’d never hear the end of this.

“Fine. Surprised to see you alone.”

Wait, what? Is she serious? Is she pulling my lines on me?

“Well . . . I’m not alone anymore, now, am I?” And he’s back!

I don’t know what happened to me for a few minutes, but the shock of her seems to have settled down.

“I guess. If you call me company,” she says as she looks around the bar before her eyes land back on me and I watch her mouth turn up into a half smirk. Oh, this girl is good, but I know I’m better.

“I’d like to call you a lot more than some company.” What I’d like to call her is mine, for the night anyway.

Fuck, is she hot. Actually, for her, I’d reconsider my one-night rule. This chick is so sexy that I can see myself letting her knock on my door twice. Hell, the thought of taking her back to my place alone is enormous. I honestly can’t think of anything to say right now, and for me, that’s rare. What she says next has me completely struck stupid.

“Going to scream my name?” Right then the bartender brings her drink over and she immediately takes a sip while watching me, and I swear I can see the fire in those gorgeous hazel eyes of hers. They almost look like liquid gold.

Oh yeah. Trouble. This woman is trouble with a capital T. I almost get lost in those eyes, but then I find myself before I have a chance to make more of an ass out of myself and blow this.

Did I just say blow? Shit, now that’s a visual I’d love to see become a reality. If I don’t stop all these fantasies going through my head right now, I’m going to embarrass myself like a teenager about to bone his first chick ever.

“Baby, you tell me your name, and I’ll scream it all night and pray to it all day.”

She stirs the drink sitting in front of her, and I see her suck her bottom lip into her teeth, and all I can think is how great those full lips would look wrapped around my cock.

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and decide it’s the perfect time to adjust myself under the bar again while reaching for my phone. I don’t care at this point if she sees what she’s doing to me, but I’m not too keen on Cam’s sister showing up while I’m sporting major wood. I pull my phone out and see the message from Cam in reply to my earlier one to him about his sister not being here yet.

Cam: Dude, just head home. I’ll text Ev to meet me at the station.

I type out a quick reply letting him know I’m heading out and I’ll see him tomorrow, then look up at the sexy-as-fuck chick next to me who is staring at me.

That’s right, baby. I’m game if you are.

For a second there I’d say she is surprised or shocked, but there is no way she’s not used to guys zoning in on her. Not looking like she does. She’s more than my type. I usually go for straight tens, but she’s surpassed my female rating by twice that.

It looks like my night just got interesting. I smile and then wait for her next move while contemplating my own.



I STARE AT HIM, not blinking. Is he serious? He doesn’t seem to recognize me. Hasn’t Cameron shown him a picture in the last few years? Granted, I don’t post photos on Facebook due to my career. It is strictly to connect with my family since I was living three thousand miles away.

I hold out my hand and let loose a lie. “Alyson,” I say, giving him my best friend’s name.

His lip twitches up into a smirk as he takes hold of my hand and pulls it close, pressing his lips against my skin. If I weren’t so mesmerized by his actions and his beautiful eyes, the heat from his touch traveling up my arm would feel like an inferno.

Ten years have passed, and in less than ten minutes, he has me hooked all over again. The last time I saw him was right after his dad died. He was the same energetic, bright Niko, but his shadow was filled with sadness. I wanted to hug him then, to take away his pain, but I was just his best friend’s little sister. Nothing more. Apparently not even worth remembering.

Then again, a lot has changed for me in that time. I finally grew out of my awkward phase and gained the curves my teen years denied me. A little help from Alyson, who I met my junior year of high school, and I learned how to tame and style my hair and how to use makeup. With all that, I finally had the confidence to wear clothes that accentuated my body.

I’m not the ugly little duckling I was when we were kids, following my brother around. No, now I’m the swan my brother seems to think he is forced to scare princes away from.

“Niko,” he says and lets go of my hand, his lips drawn up in a smile.

Oh, I know.

He hasn’t changed. Same vibrant, piercing grey eyes, dark hair, and smile that makes me go dumbstruck. There is energy moving between us, and after the last few weeks, I’m more than ready to run with it. He’s looking at me like an animal looks at its prey, and I want to be that so very badly.

Physically, he’s bigger. Broad shoulders, thick arms, and pecs for days. I couldn’t see them, but I was confident he had perfect abs and a beautiful V showing the way to what I’d always fantasized to be another ideal part of his anatomy.

Overall, his presence is even more significant than when he was a teenager. Sitting here, looking at him now, I can imagine just how large other things have gotten since back then.

God, he’s just what I need right now after all the Tate shit I’ve been dealing with.

An hour on the tarmac and six-hour flight followed by an hour of Boston traffic made me nearly two hours late to meet Cameron. It’s been four months since I’ve seen my older brother, and I don’t want to think about what Cameron would do if he found out that Niko was hitting on me. I look around the bar wondering where my big brother is and wonder just how long I can keep up this act of being Alyson before Cam returns and this blows up in my face.

“So, where is your friend?” There. The only way to know is to ask. He’ll think I saw him with someone and was here already.

He looks puzzled for a minute, and I know he’s apparently stumped. After all, I am two hours late. Cam could be anywhere now. My damn phone died, and I haven’t had the chance to check my messages.

“I have many friends. You’re going to have to be more specific, baby.”

I look at him and raise my eyebrow. I can’t forget all the stories I’ve heard about Niko. Of course, he’d have been sitting here with another woman.

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