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Cocksure (Cocksure #1)(4)
Author: K.I. Lynn

“Guess I never really realized how close you were since she’s not around.”

“Don’t act like I never talk about her,” Cam says.

“Not saying that, because you do. Just, it’s not a relationship I can understand.”

He nods. “Charlie is like a brother.”

“Same last name, different situation,” I say. It’s been weeks since I even talked to my cousin. He got a girl about a year ago and disappeared, only to be seen at family functions or when he’s not all curled around her.

“How about this; when Everly gets here, she can be your honorary little sister.”

I purse my lips and take another sip of my beer. I’ll look after Everly because she is Cam’s sister and Everly means a lot to him, so I suppose that works. Besides, how much trouble can she be?

The familiar sounds of Twenty One Pilots “Heavydirtysoul” blares from Cam’s phone sitting on the bar in front of him. “Hayes,” he says into the receiver. A small nod, quick, “Okay,” and then he’s hanging up, hissing, “Shit.”

By Cam’s tone, I know what the call was.

“That was fast.”

He throws back the rest of his Coke. “I was hoping if it did happen, it could at least wait until Everly arrived.”

I shake my head. “Fire waits for no man.”

Cam stands and pulls on his jacket. “Are you cool with waiting for her?”

I nod. “No problem.”

Cam pulls out his keys and unclips a single key ring with two keys on it. He holds them out and drops them into my palm. “Do me a solid, okay?”


“Don’t try and pick up my sister.”

I roll my eyes and let out a very unflattering snort. “Seriously, man? We’re talking about your little sister.”

“Seriously. Ev’s not the same girl she used to be.”

“Dude, I’m not that big of a manwhore.”

I watch as Cam purses his lips. “Yeah, I don’t believe that for a second.”

“Well, I wouldn’t call myself a manwhore exactly, but, come on, man, you know me better than that.”

“I do. You forget I’ve been with you when you have met many of your ‘dates.’ Not only that, but if you’re not a manwhore, then what does that make me?”

I laugh at his statement, taking a swig of my beer before raising it toward Cam in salute.

“Touché, brother, but you, my friend, have nothing to worry about here. You know that out of anyone, you can trust me, and we’re talking about your little sister. I would never go there,” I say and look him directly in the eyes so he knows I mean what I say.

Cam isn’t just my best friend; he’s like my brother, which I guess already makes Everly my little sister.

“Besides, I’ve got my eyes on a few exciting prospects for tonight,” I say as I eye the redhead that’s sitting across the bar from us. She’s been eye fucking me since I walked through the door. I’m not usually into gingers, but she’s got a rocking body that I bet won’t quit.

Cam stares at me a moment, looks over at the redhead, and then throws some money down on the bar while shaking his head. He smiles at me before holding his fist out.

“I know I can trust you; I just needed to say it. She’s my sister, and she’s been away from home a long time. She’s . . .” he trails off when he sees my smirk, and then he turns and starts to make his way out, throwing me a look that says, “Just stay out of trouble for one night while I’m gone, would ya.” Asshole. “Later, Niko. I’ll see you at the firehouse tomorrow.”

I continue to peruse the evening’s prospects, noting the lack of options. Then again, it’s a Tuesday.

The redhead from across the bar is a bust seeing as I watch a male companion join her only minutes after Cam leaves. Can’t trust some women. I shake off the thought and order some food and another beer.

A meal later, and the Red Sox are down by two runs. Two hours have passed, and still no sign of Everly. I text Cam to see if he’s heard anything but get no response, which means they’re out on a call.

I weigh my options, which are slim to none, the bar filled with regulars and game watchers.

It’s after nine and it doesn’t look like Cam’s little sister is coming or that I’m going to take home some dessert, so I pull out my wallet to pay. With a nod to the bartender, I let him know I’m ready to cash out, and he holds up a finger. I guess I should tell Cam that his sister hasn’t shown and that I’m heading home.

Just as I’m typing the message and hit send, the sexiest fucking woman I’ve ever laid eyes on takes the seat next to me.

Brunette waves frame her face, which is full of large hazel eyes and full pink lips. Tits that could fill my hands, slender waist flaring out to hips leading to long legs capped with four-inch heeled boots. Sun-kissed skin that I can’t tell whether or not that is her natural skin tone, but she looks like she’s spent some time on the beach. The thought of her in a string bikini floods my mind and has my cock instantly standing at attention.

There is no fucking way this girl is single; she’s fucking gorgeous.

I turn and put my wallet back in my pocket, deciding then that I’m not ready to call it a night after all when the bartender decides to come and close me out. I wave him off, but the hot-as-fuck brunette next to me stops him before he walks away and orders a drink.

“Can I have something fruity?” she asks the bartender.

“Sex on the Beach or a daiquiri?” he asks her back.

“Sex on the Beach sounds good. Reminds me of the night I turned twenty-one,” she says, and before I can stop myself, I let out a groan. Sure, it’s one of those drinks most girls ordered back in the day, but the thought of sex and the beach coming from those lips of hers just did something to me.

I take a moment to compose myself and try not to make it evident that I’m staring, but I can’t help it, and my eyes roam, looking her up and down. This woman has fucking legs for days.

Another vision of those legs wrapped around my shoulders hits me, and I almost groan out loud again. I’m tired tonight after working a double shift, but I want this girl. I know I can work this to my favor, that being she warms the other side of my bed in the morning.

She clears her throat, pulling me from my visual assault and one hell of a fantasy. Busted! Of course I’d get caught. She smirks at me, and I know she knows that I just adjusted myself under the bar. Smooth, Callahan, real smooth. Bikinis, sex on the beach. I’m fucking done.

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