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Author: Vi Keeland

“Drew, do you have a moment?”

“Not now. I need to be somewhere.” Anywhere but here.

I kept my hand on Emerie’s back and continued moving, but my client had other ideas. She stopped walking.

“We need to go,” I said.

“Let me at least thank the ADA.”

“That’s not necessary. The city of New York thanks her every other Friday when they hand her a paycheck.”

Emerie’s eyes scolded me. “I’m not being rude, just because you are.” With that, she turned and waited for Kierra to catch up.

She extended her hand. “Thank you so much for everything. I was a wreck this morning when I thought I might be taken into custody.”

Kierra looked at Emerie’s hand and snubbed her. She turned her body my direction and spoke to me while responding. “Don’t thank me. Thank your attorney.”

“Yes, I’ll do that.”

“But don’t thank him too much. I don’t want him worn out.” Kierra turned on her heel and waved goodbye over her shoulder. “I’ll call you for our appointment, Drew.”

Emerie looked at me. “That was odd.”

“She must be off her meds. Come on, let’s get you out of here.”

By the time we paid the fine and picked up copies of Emerie’s warrant clearance, it was nearly four o’clock.

Out on the court steps, she turned to me. “I hope you’re not anti public displays of affection, because I need to give you a hug.”

I actually wasn’t much of a public affection person at all, but hey—I wasn’t getting paid for this wasted day, so I might as well get something out of this. Those tits pushed up against me were definitely better than nothing—might even be better than a full day at six seventy-five an hour.

“If you insist.”

The smile she shot me was pretty damn close to as perfect as I’d ever seen. Then came the hug. It was a long one—those tits and that tiny, lithe body enveloped me into more than a courtesy hug. She even smelled good.

When she pulled back, she kept her hands on my arms. “I’m going to pay you back for today. Even if it takes me years.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“No, I mean it.”

We spent a few minutes more talking, exchanged numbers in case any deliveries showed up for her, and said goodbye. She was heading uptown, and I was heading down, so we parted in opposite directions. After I took a few steps, I looked back over my shoulder and watched the sway of her ass. She looked just as good going as she did coming.

That made me think… I bet she looked even more incredible when she was coming. Just as I was about to turn back around, Emerie turned in my direction, and she caught me watching her walk away. She smiled big and gave a last wave before turning the corner and disappearing out of sight.

I wanted her to pay me back for today, alright.

And I could think of several ways I’d like to collect.



Chapter 5





I lifted my buzzing cell to my ear, catching the time as I did. Almost eleven p.m.—late for anyone to call.



That voice. I didn’t have to ask who it was. In person, his voice was deep and raspy, but it was downright gravelly on the phone.

“Drew? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Because it’s sort of late.”

I heard the phone move around and then, “Shit. Sorry. I had no idea. I just looked at the time. I thought it was maybe nine.”

“Time flies when you spend most of the day in court with criminals, doesn’t it?”

“Guess so. I went back home, started to catch up on some work, then stopped in my office. I must’ve lost track of time.”

“I came back home, had a few glasses of wine, and felt sorry for myself some more. Your evening sounds way more productive. Are you still in the office?”

“Yeah. That’s what made me call you. I’m sitting here thinking that when you find a new office, it’s going to look very nice.”

What an odd thing to say. “Thank you. But what makes you say that?”

“Glass and dark wood. I like it. I would have taken you for something more girly, though.”

“What are you—oh, no. They delivered my office furniture today?”

“They did.”

“How? How did they even get in when you were with me all day?”

“My contractor was here finishing up, and I hadn’t had a chance to tell him what went down yet. He thought he was doing you a favor by letting them in.”

I banged my head against my kitchen counter, then kept my forehead pressed to it to stop from bludgeoning myself. I couldn’t catch the groan that came from my mouth, though.

“I’m sorry. I’ll deal with it right away. First thing in the morning.”

“Take your time. My stuff is still in storage. I can keep it here for a while.”

“Thank you. I’m so sorry. I’ll get on the phone first thing in the morning and make them come back and get it. Then I’ll come wait at your office so you don’t have to deal with it, if that’s okay.”

“Of course.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop saying you’re sorry, Emerie. Ex-cons are hardened. They don’t apologize. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I laughed, because it kept me from crying.




“Hello?” I knocked on the half-opened door and listened to my voice echo back to me. The door pushed open, and I was surprised to find the lobby area still empty. I thought my furniture would have been dropped here.

In the distance, I heard a voice, but couldn’t make it out. I stepped inside and yelled a little louder. “Hello? Drew?”

Rapid footsteps clanked against the new marble flooring, each step growing louder until Drew appeared from the hallway. He had his cellphone up to his ear and held up a finger as he continued with his call.

“We don’t want the house in Breckenridge. My client hates the cold. She can keep it, but it will be the only property she’s leaving this marriage with.” A pause, then, “No, I’m not nuts. After I hang up, I’m going to send you some photos of the Breckenridge property. I think they’ll convince you that Mrs. Hollister really enjoys that house.”

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