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Rosemary Beach #3 - Forever Too Far(8)
Author: Abbi Glines

“Well, we need to fix that now, don’t we?” he said with a pat on my back.

I nodded and stepped back from his embrace. “Yeah, we do.”

He held up the bag he was holding. “Brought my ingredients.”

“Okay.” I reached over and took it from him. “You can go put your suitcase in the yellow room if you want to. I’ll take this to the kitchen.”

Dad nodded his head and then looked over at Rush. “Thank you,” he said before turning and heading for the stairs.

I didn’t wait until he was completely out of view before I wrapped my arms around Rush’s waist and kissed his chest. “I love you,” I told him. Because it was more than a thank you. He had done something for me I knew wasn’t easy for him. Rush wasn’t a fan of my dad but he’d put that aside and brought him here.

“I love you too. More than life,” he replied, holding me against him as he kissed the top of my head. “I’m glad this makes you happy. I wasn’t sure...”

I tilted my head back so I could see his face. “I’ll never forget this Thanksgiving. What should have been the hardest holiday I ever faced isn’t. You make everything better.”

Rush flashed me a crooked grin. “Good. I’m trying my hardest to get you so wrapped up in me you never leave.”

Laughing, I stood on my tiptoes and pressed my lips against his. “Never. I can’t even imagine life without you.”

“Mmmmm, you keep that up and we’re going back upstairs,” he whispered against my mouth. I leaned back and ran my hands up his chest to gently push him back.

“Time for that later. I have a meal to prepare and you have football to watch.”

Rush’s eyebrows shot up. “Sweet Blaire, I’m not one to sit back and enjoy the action. I prefer to experience the action. Watching football does not compete with getting you naked and under me.”

I felt my cheeks flush as the vivid image of Rush on top of me as he moved inside me flashed in my head. Yes, I liked that too. Very much. Rush chuckled and reached over to cup my face and brush his thumb against my cheek.

“You look a little turned on now... I can fix that for you. I promise to make it fast so you can get back to cooking.” He’d dropped his voice to a husky whisper.

My breathing hitched and I managed to shake my head no. I had to go cook. My dad had just arrived and Bethy was very likely driving Dean crazy in the kitchen. “I need to get back in there,” I replied.

Rush slipped a hand on my waist and tugged me back up against him. His head lowered until his mouth was hovering over my ear. “We can step into that office right there and I’ll slip my hand up this cute little dress you’re wearing and play with your wet pu**y until you have to bite my shoulder to keep from crying out. Won’t take long. I don’t want my girl needing me. I want her satisfied.”

Oh God. I was sure my panties were soaked. It was bad enough that I stayed horny with this pregnancy. Then add Rush and his dirty mouth to it and I was a mess.

“Five minutes,” he said before taking a nip at my ear.

I grabbed his arms and held on tight before I melted in a puddle on the floor. “Not now. We can’t now. I have to finish in the kitchen and my dad just got here,” I said breathlessly.

Rush let out a defeated sigh. “Okay. But damn, I wanted to touch you and feel you come apart on my hand.”

“Rush. Please,” I said, taking deep calming breaths. “I need some ice water poured down my dress as it is already. Don’t make it worse.”

With a soft laugh, he dropped his hands from me and stepped back. “Fine. Run from me, sweet Blaire. You have five seconds before I decide I don’t care what you say.”

Moving my legs was difficult but I managed to turn and flee to the kitchen. Rush’s laughter grew louder and I couldn’t help but laugh too.


The turkey had been great and I had to admit I was impressed that Dean could cook like that. Blaire had seemed genuinely happy as she talked with her dad and mine during dinner. She’d even laughed when Bethy had asked my dad to sign her napkin.

Dean came and sat down beside me on the sofa and let out a contented sigh. He had enjoyed himself too. This was the first Thanksgiving I’d actually eaten in my house with family and friends. The first time I’d had turkey, pumpkin pie and corn casserole. Normally my Thanksgivings were spent in Vail. I would eat with friends and get drunk in bars. Nothing memorable. Today had been different. It was a taste of my future with Blaire.

“You got yourself a sweet one,” Dean said.

“Yeah, I know.”

“She’s in there washing dishes with her dad. Figured I’d leave them alone. Give them time together. Shit thing he did to her but I’m glad they’re finding a way to make amends. Abe was a good man once. When I’d heard he was back with your momma I wondered what the hell had happened to him.”

I’d betrayed Blaire too. I’d hurt her. But she’d forgiven me. She seemed to be able to do that. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do the same. “I don’t deserve her. I’m probably the luckiest sonuvabitch on the planet.”

Dean let out a hard laugh. “Glad she makes you feel that way ‘cause boy, your life hasn’t been an easy one,” he paused then shook his head. “I wish I’d done better by you. Kiro’s girl, Harlow, has been around lately. Part of the problem with Nan is Harlow. She ain’t real happy about Kiro having a daughter he took care of. Kiro might not have been around for Harlow but he made sure she was well taken care of. Her grandmother raised her right. She’s a good girl. It’s hard to believe she’s Kiro’s. Poor girl’s grandmother died a few months ago. She’s not happy living in LA but she’s a little lost right now.”

I’d only met Kiro’s daughter twice. We were kids and Kiro had brought Harlow home for a visit. I was there too and all I could remember was big innocent eyes and the way she only whispered when she talked. Then a couple years ago I’d met up with her again while I was visiting Dean. She’d been all grown up but very proper and still very innocent. We had gotten along easily enough that weekend. She stayed at the house most of the time. So had Kiro. It had been the only time I’d ever gone out partying with the band while Kiro had stayed behind. Dean had said he was real protective of Harlow.

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