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Dirty Bastard (Grim Bastards MC #1)
Author: Emily Minton





Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield

She's a biker chick with an edge.

Daughter of an MC President, Trix Slade is used to living on the wild side, but nothing prepares her for being kidnapped by the Grim Bastards MC. Hell bent on getting back home, Trix will do anything to get away from her captors—anything. There’s only one problem. Boz is as sexy as he is wild—a tempting combination for a woman like Trix.

He's a bastard with a soul.

The Bastards’ president, Boz Creed, wants to bring Trix’s father down and knows the best way to get to him is by using his precious daughter. Determined to get the revenge he seeks, Boz is willing to do anything to get what he wants—anything. There’s only one problem. Trix is as sexy as she is stubborn—a deadly combination for a man like Boz.

Can love between two rival clubs survive without someone taking the ultimate fall?



To all the people who pour their thoughts onto a piece of paper, but are never brave enough to share them with the world.

Point of View

I've heard it said, "Don't go to bed

While hanging on to sorrow.

You may not have the chance to laugh

With those you love tomorrow."

You may not mean the words you speak

When anger takes its toll.

You may regret your actions

Once you've lost your self control.

When you've lost your temper

And you've said some hurtful things,

Think about the heartache

That your action sometimes brings.

You'll never get those moments back,

Such precious time to waste,

And all because of things you said

In anger and in haste.

So if you're loving someone

And your pride has settled in,

You may not ever have the chance

To say to them again,

"I love you and I miss you

And although we don't agree,

I'll try to see your point of view.,

Please do the same for me."

- Unknown




Twenty-Two Years Old

I SIT down at the picnic table and take a long pull from my beer. Looking over to my dad, I shoot him a questioning look and ask, “How long are we gonna be here?”

“We’re here until I’m ready to leave,” Dad replies, taking a drink of his own beer. “You know better to ask questions of me, boy.”

Not wanting to deal with his smart-ass mouth, I get up from the picnic table and walk to the other side of the yard. All around me, members of the Satan’s Revenge MC are partying like there is no fuckin’ tomorrow. There are probably ten kegs scattered around the front of the clubhouse and even more inside. So much weed is being smoked that the tangy smell hangs in the open air of the yard. Yeah, they are having a damn good time and so are my brothers. I, on the other hand, am ready to get back to my own damn clubhouse.

Dad thinks it’s a good idea to make ties with some of the other local clubs. He thinks it is the only way the Grim Bastards will continue to grow stronger in the biker community. He wants connections to the other clubs, something that will make us allies, even though we are also competitors. I disagree completely. We’ve always been secluded, and I liked it that way. Most clubs are solitary; it’s the biker way, but seeing as he’s the President and I’ve just earned my patch, he is getting his way. That’s the only reason I am making the rounds visiting the rival clubhouses.

So here we are, along with three other brothers, playing nice with the Satan’s Revenge boys. What Dad thinks we are going to get out of it, I’ll never know. Getting drunk, high, and sharing pussy with another club isn’t gonna gain us a damn thing. Hell, I don’t understand most of what he does and I can guarantee that when I become President, a lot of shit is gonna change. He just keeps getting more and more careless, running the club into the ground. If he keeps on, there won’t be a club left when it’s my turn to rule.

I keep walking until I find a free chair near the bonfire. Sitting down, my eyes take in the scene around me. All my brothers are partying along with the Revenge boys, looking as if they are having a fuckin’ blast—each one forgetting that this club is not their own. Do they not realize this club is bigger than ours, has more manpower, more money? They could take us out if they wanted. Why can’t they understand that we need to grow from within, not align ourselves with outsiders? I take another drink, trying to ignore the nagging feeling in my gut.

“Hey, I don’t know you,” says a voice from my right side.

I turn to see a freckly-faced kid standing a foot from me, with a huge ass smile on her face. “No kid, you don’t.”

“I’m not a kid. I’ll be fourteen next week.” Her smile doesn’t fade as she steps closer. Dropping to her knees on the ground, she looks at my cut for a second before she asks, “You’re one of the Bastards, right?”

I nearly laugh when I hear the question come out of her mouth. “Yeah, I’m a Bastard.”

She smiles at my words then looks at my arms, taking in my tats. “What does Hold Fast mean?

I lift my hands and look down at the ink. HOLD is written across the fingers on my right hand and FAST is on the left. “My grandma was from Scotland. She was a McCloud, before she married my Gramps. Hold Fast is her family’s creed.”

She reaches out and grabs my hands, pulling them closer for a better look. “I like it. One of the brothers has LOVE on one hand and HATE on the other. This is much cooler.”

Her touch surprises me, causing me to instinctively pull back. This girl isn’t even fourteen—fuckin’ fourteen! She shouldn’t even consider touching a man she doesn’t know. I stare at her for a minute, wondering what the hell she is doing here. Taking in her slightly curved body and long blonde hair, I know that some of the brothers would not let her age stop them from taking what they wanted.

She may look like a young girl in the face, but her body is screaming eighteen. Hell, I haven’t seen many women with curves like she has. Just looking at her, I know she is as innocent as the day she was born. I also know she won’t stay that way long if she doesn’t get her jailbait ass away from these drunk bikers.

Deciding to give her some advice, I say, “You shouldn’t be here, girl. You need to take your ass home.”

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