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Broken Compass (Supernatural Prison Story #1)(8)
Author: Jaymin Eve

 My head snapped back as he landed a solid blow; my cheek throbbed and I was pretty sure my jaw was dislocated. Still, that didn’t stop me from smashing him in the gut, and swinging around to clip him in the right side, breaking another few ribs.

 Braxton was an unmatched fighter; he was not coming at me full force yet. But I had many years of training and knew how to hold my own with any supe. Eventually, though, as my anger faded out, the sharp ring of truth in his statement settled into my mind, taking root in a way that told me I would have to consider his words. Otherwise the thoughts would drive me insane.

 Both of us were sprawled on the ground, breathing heavy. My body ached in about twenty different places, and even with advanced healing and blood I’d be feeling this tomorrow.

  Words tumbled out: “How is it possible that there were so many signs of the bond? What other explanation could there be? We were true mates.”

 Braxton seemed to consider his next words carefully. “Having felt a true mate bond now, I believe you were missing something essential. Even with those other signs. When you talked to me about the coldness between you … the way you didn’t need to touch her … the way you didn’t like many of the fundamental parts of her personality. There is no way the fates would have gifted you a mate so incompatible to you.”

 I had spoken in some length to Braxton on the issues Cardia and I faced during our very short mateship. At first everything had been as expected. A strong attraction. A blood compatibility. But then this weird space, which had always been between us, started to grow, little negatives which colored the relationship. It was too damn soon for the honeymoon period to wear off. That could take decades for supernatural mates. If it ever happened at all.

 Still, I had to offer some sort of explanation. “Maybe our bond was different because it’s vampire and not shifter.”

 There was no denying that a certain level of ruthlessness existed in my race. Practical and methodical we were. Designed to be warriors. To fight without remorse. We were one of the more battle ready of the races.

 Braxton laughed, and then groaned. I’d definitely nailed his ribs. He deserved it though. “We’ve seen plenty of vampire mate bonds, Max. It’s as strong as for shifters.”

 I’d been grasping. We both knew it. “It’s too late to find out now. Cardia’s dead, and the dead reveal no secrets.”

 Braxton lifted his head and fixed a hard glare on me. “The fact that you can even mention your mate’s name and the word dead in the same sentence, tells you everything, bro.”

 Clenching both of my fists, the shaking in my arms intensified. “I’m so fucked up. I shouldn’t even be here, I shouldn’t be able to exist without Cardia, and yet the pain eases more every day. I want answers.”

 Neither of us moved then, both staring into the forests around us. The leaves above us were thick enough that the area was heavily shaded; the undergrowth was also thick. A scent drifted across the wind and my body instantly reacted. Damn. I wasn’t emotionally prepared to deal with this.

 I couldn’t stop myself from turning to find her, Mischa, frozen on the edge of the forest, her eyes darting across the scene of our fight. The area around us was ripped and plowed as we’d pummeled each other into the ground.

 Her scent was familiar and my beast inside roared to life. This was not the first time this had happened, and just like the other time I pushed the instinct down. The vampire part of my soul didn’t control me. We had a symbiotic relationship, we were as one, but my mind was stronger than my base instincts. To aid in this, I cut off my sense of smell, locking it down so I could keep a clear head.

 With a shake of her head, Mischa started to move. Her footsteps were heavy as she pounded closer; she was stomping. Okay, clearly she was pissed about something, and that was not a part of her personality I was familiar with. I’d always known she had a fire burning deep in her essence, one that hadn’t emerged yet. At least not in my presence.

 Maybe today was the day. I was strangely looking forward to whatever words were about to come out of her mouth.

 Braxton and I pulled ourselves up to sit, which gave me a front row seat to Mischa in all her angry glory. What the…? Everything inside of me froze as the petite female stormed across the clearing to reach us. Was she … what the actual fuck? Was she pregnant?

 I released my senses to roam free again, and as I sucked in deeply I scented the slightly different note of her essence. Without thought I was on my feet, the energy roaring to life as the beast inside started to lose its mind, thrashing against the heavy cage which kept the predator locked down.

 I expected Mischa to freeze as I started to stalk toward her. No doubt my eyes were as black as pitch, and the heavy throb of my fangs indicated they were at full extension. I was fully vamped out.

 But she didn’t. She continued marching toward us, sidestepping me in an instant so she could ream Braxton a new one.

 “Braxton Compass, what the heck are you doing fighting with your brother? Jess is waiting for you at the house.” Her voice lowered then. “She’s run out of cake.” The very real panic in Braxton’s eyes would have had me laughing, except I was no longer in any sort of place for laughter.

 The dragon shifter’s eyes flicked back toward me and he took a step closer to Mischa, crowding sort of protectively around her. “It’s not the best idea for me to leave you with Max. He’s not in control.”

 My brother wasn’t wrong. I was hanging on by a thread. And while I respected his need to keep his mate’s sister safe, everything inside of me was screaming that that was my job.


 This was a mental battle I’d been having with myself since Mischa had first appeared in Stratford. The connection between us had been instant and it had been strong. Her similarity to Jessa, did have me wondering for a short time, if that was the reason for the bond. I’d even tried to convince myself of that, but I knew it was something more. But what was it? What the hell was going on with me? At times I felt stronger emotions toward Mischa than I had to the vampire who’d been my true mate … supposedly.

 Unable to stop myself, I moved with super speed to her side, reaching out to touch her. At the last minute I managed to refrain. “Who do I need to kill?” My voice was at the lowest of registers, right before the vampire side of me took control. She hadn’t been fertile during our time together, which meant… “Whose baby is this, Mischa? Who dared to touch you?”

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