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Broken Compass (Supernatural Prison Story #1)(4)
Author: Jaymin Eve

 Despite him being a thousand years locked away, the supernatural communities had feared the king, prophesied to return with an entire army of dragon marked supes at his disposal.

 Thanks to a few stupid moves from me, he did manage to escape his prison a month ago. And he most certainly had control over all of us who’d been marked, but in the end he’d been defeated by my sister and the Compasses. They’d permanently ended him, which meant all of us “marked” were now free to return to our lives.

 So yes, Jessa had suffered, but she’d always had her pack, the Compass quads. And those four boys were almost the toughest supernaturals in existence. I thought Jessa was even tougher.

 It’s your pack now too.

 She gave me that final gift before initiating the block between us again. She was better at mental barriers, having learned from her dragon. For most of her life Jessa had been a dual shifter, dragon and wolf, but had had to release her dragon’s soul during the last battle. Now she was a plain old wolf shifter like me – even if nothing about my sister was ever really plain. Josephina, her dragon soul, now resided in a beautiful golden dragon body, and was queen of the beasts, living in Faerie.

 I made Jessa promise she would take me to visit as soon as we could. There was no rush of course, supes lived for hundreds of years. Still, there was some human in me, and I always worried about running out of time.

 A hard kick by the baby had me jumping about a foot in the air, instinctively I clutched my ribs.

 “Good boy,” Tyson said, shifting my hand out of the way so he could feel the kicks too. It was unbelievable to see these absolutely lethal males get all gooey over the babies Jessa and I carried.

 “You don’t know it’s a boy,” I said, my heart beating rapidly as warmth and joy flittered through my mind and into my blood.

 A child was a miracle. There was no other way to describe it. And while I regretted so many decisions I’d made since coming back into the supernatural world, I would never regret my one night with Maximus. It gave me my child, and I wondered at times if a heart could actually explode from too much love.

 The baby kicked again and Tyson gave a shout: “Okay, that was a strong one. You’re right, could be a little girl. We know there’s no stronger being in this realm than a female. The way you carry young and feed them from your body, you’re damn miracles.”

 From a human male this might have sounded condescending, like they were just trying to placate a silly woman, but supernatural males really meant it. They were earthier than humans, animalistic even; they cherished their females to the point that if a human female ever witnessed these bonds, they would probably die of envy.

 Braxton gave a low growl then, and I could feel the heat from the dragon shifter over here. “We’re blessed to have you and our new young in our lives,” he said. His gaze was firmly locked on Jessa, and through the twin bond my own heart clenched at the staggering emotions of their true mateship. He had a way about him. Maybe it was the blue as blue eyes, or the hypnotic rumble of his chest, but I was never surprised when my sister was a gooey puddle at his feet.

 My baby kicked me again, harder this time, and suddenly there was dance party going on inside. I shifted on the couch, trying to find a comfortable spot, or hopefully derail the party before it got started and went all night.

 “How far along did the witch say you were?” Tyson was looking at my stomach now, his brows raised. “What was the gestation expected to be?”

 I knew what he was asking; it felt as if this one was already ready to come out fighting. “They tested me three times, and every single time it was six months expected gestation. I’m about four and a half months, so still a bit to go.”

 Jessa shifted forward, curiosity lighting up her face. “I’ve never heard of a vamp-shifter hybrid taking six months to be born. Generally, it would be much shorter. Your baby must fall heavily toward our family line rather than Max’s.”

 That made me think of the Compass quads themselves. They were a genetic anomaly. How could they be born of hybrid parents and each have a pure soul of the four races?

 “What the heck was the gestation period for Jo?” I blurted out, hoping it wasn’t an inappropriate question. I was completely void of all social graces and knowledge in this world. Totally learning the hard way, foot in mouth style.

 Luckily the guys just laughed. “If you ask Mom, she’ll tell you it was at least four years,” Tyson said. “But she ended up going around eight months. That was the longest her body could hold the four of us, and although we were born a little early, there were no issues.”

 Of course not, an issue wouldn’t dare show itself around these quads. Damn, they had destroyed the dragon king. They were the new council leaders. They were all gorgeous, looking like they’d been perfectly carved by the gods themselves. Around them, and my sister, I generally felt like a stupid human who had accidentally stumbled into their perfect world. I didn’t fit. I didn’t belong. But I would stay as long as I could. I craved their pack bond too much to leave, even if I knew the moment Maximus returned the ache in my chest would explode full force.

 My newly sensitive hearing picked up Jacob coming long before he made it down the stairs. His voice rang out with a slight sense of urgency. “We need to move. They spotted Kristoff at the edge of Stratford, right on the security line. Louis just let me know. He’s heading there now too.”

 The males were up and moving before the words even fully registered with me. Jessa was also on her feet, rounded belly just visible beneath her black cotton shirt. “If you all think you’re leaving without me, think again.”

 Braxton froze. I could see the gears turning in his head as he searched for the words to placate his moody mate. Jessa had that half-grin on her face. She knew she’d won before he even opened his mouth.

 The shifter just shook his head and scooped her up into his arms. “We have to run. I don’t want you to fall behind.”

 Likely story. The quads carried my twin around all the time, like she was their personal queen. It was annoying and I was somewhat jealous of how much they loved her. Did these supernaturals even understand how rare this kind of unconditional love was. No competition. No jealousy. No weirdness. Just pure support and love. Assholes. Yeah, I said it. When I swore in my mind, only Jessa knew, so I was safe from Lienda.

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