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Stepbrother With Benefits 18 (Third Season)
Author: Mia Clark

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I know this is going to sound strange, because it's not like Ethan and I have been apart for very long, but... I think sex is one of those things where you don't realize how much you miss it until you're finally doing it again.

Yes, I completely understand that technically Ethan and I have only been apart for a few days. I also realize that it's not like we've entirely abstained from doing anything sexual. I mean, all things considered, we've been pretty sexual even though we were apart. I talked with him a lot, and we probably used our webcams or phones, um... at least once a day?

Is that a lot? Once a day? How often do people usually have sex? Most of the time I feel confident in my intelligence, but right now I feel kind of stupid for asking a question like that.

Before Ethan and I started, um... you know. Before we started! Having sex. I don't know why I'm blushing right now.

Anyways, before we started our stepbrother with benefits relationship, and then things kind of escalated from there, I didn't have sex a lot. I only had sex with Jake a couple times, and before that I'd only ever had sex, um... maybe a few times...

Alright, so it was twice, and it was kind of awful, and the first time I was just really curious, and I felt like I should be having sex by now. I'm not going to say it was the smartest decision I've ever made, but when you're a virgin you sort of wonder what all the fuss is about, right?

I can safely say that I probably shouldn't have wondered what all the fuss was about, because that first time was anything but enticing. It was kind of awkward and awful, actually. It felt alright, I guess, but...

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if my first time was with Ethan. How would that have been? Probably amazing, if I'm being completely honest. Don't tell Ethan that, though. I don't want to boost his ego any more than it already is. He may or may not deserve the ego he has, but I'm worried what will happen to me if he begins thinking of himself as some sort of sex god.

I have things to do! I can't just stay in bed all day and help satisfy his desires! Now wouldn't that be fun, though?

Ugh. Wow. Cut it out, Ashley!

The only problem here is...

Like I said before, I think sex is one of those things where you don't realize how much you miss it until you're having it again, and Ethan and I sure do seem to have realized that. A couple times. More than once. By that, I mean tonight is probably going to be the worst night's sleep either of us has ever gotten.

Um... yup, I just said that. Don't mind me, I'm too busy having sex to get any sleep.

That's not true. We're sleeping a little bit. It's just that we keep waking each other up.

Everything before going to bed together was amazing. I loved ordering food and then watching a movie with Caleb and Scarlet as a double date. Sort of a double date. I'm not really sure what I should call that, but I'm going to pretend they were on a date, too. Except after that, Ethan and I went back to his room, and...

I like cuddling. I thought maybe it'd be just cuddling. Oh, how very wrong I was...

The first time Ethan woke me up, I'm not sure he even realized it. He had his arm around me, spooning with me from behind, holding me tight. I woke to the familiar feeling of his erection pressing against me. We were still wearing our pajamas then. I had on a tank top and pajama pants, and Ethan just had on his pajama pants, with no shirt. I could feel his muscular torso close to mine, and the strain of his pants as he gently grinded against my butt.

Slow and steady, maybe kind of sneaky, I reached down and slipped my pajama pants lower towards the bottom of my thighs. Then I reached back and pulled the front of Ethan's pajama pants down. I remember wiggling and shifting side to side, trying to line our bodies up in the dark without waking Ethan up. I was awake, but there was no point waking my dear stepbrother up, right? If I could just... um...

I'm not even sure what I was thinking, actually. Just what? Obviously just have sex, except can people have sex in their sleep? I think I'd be interested in finding out, because I'm becoming increasingly worse at this whole "good girl" thing, and... um...

I finally managed to get Ethan's cock to line up with my arousal-slick slit. I pushed my hips back, taking him inside me, inch after inch. He pressed forward in his sleep, grinding into me, inch by inch. After a moment I felt him all the way inside me, and I just stayed like that, feeling the warmth of him pulsing in me.

And... now what?

I'm not sure if you remember this, but one time when I woke up before Ethan at the beginning of our summer break from college, I kind of maybe accidentally gave him a handjob in his sleep? He came really easily then, but I think part of it was because he was sleeping. I remember wrapping my fingers around his cock slowly, and stroking him up and down, and then he came, covering my fingers with his sweet, sticky cream.

I sort of want to do the same thing now, except with him inside me. How does that work, though? How do I move slowly enough that he cums without waking up?

The only thing I can think of is to stroke him with my pussy, but if I move too much he's going to wake up. Which means I'm just going to have to have an orgasm, squeezing and clenching him inside me while I cum around his cock. Obviously this makes complete sense to my sleep-addled mind. Yup, that's what we're going to blame this on!

Which, um... I did do that, except...

When I reach down to start teasing my clit, Ethan grinds hard into me and kisses the back of my neck. I shiver at his touch.

"What exactly are you doing, Princess?" he asks me.

Remember, this is before, earlier in the night. I...

"What do you think I'm doing?" I answer him.

"This," he says, pulling out and pounding back into me.

Oh, yes... definitely this. We should do a lot more of this.

Which we did. We are. I'm not sure you can fully grasp the gravity of the situation I'm in right now. I think I've unleashed a monster. I also think I kind of love it.

After that first time, we fell back asleep, Ethan's cock still inside me. I'm not sure when I woke up next, but soon after we did it again. I don't even know how long that lasted, but we fell asleep again, and...

Ethan is on top of me right now. He holds my thighs in his hands, squeezing hard, pulling my legs apart. I open my mouth to say something to him, but I don't even know what. It doesn't matter, because all that comes out is a sharp gasp. He thrusts hard into me and stays like that, grinding his cock against my deepest depths while his lower torso grinds against my clit.

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