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Wrath (New Species #6)(2)
Author: Laurann Dohner

“We could order them to,” Fury admitted. “We just don’t wish to do that.”

Justice nodded in agreement. “We don’t want to do that. They were given their freedom and we refuse to ask them to sacrifice it. These three are new enough to avoid being traumatized by the tight living spaces. We understand your concern and I agree.” His gaze slid to Brass.

Brass took a deep breath. “I will come with them. I’m not mated.” He glanced at Fury and Justice before staring at Tim. “I have been free for quite a while. I’ve trained with some of your team and they trust me. I’ll take charge of these three and they will be my responsibility. I will have them picked up if I see any signs of them becoming unstable.”

Tim nodded. “Agreed. Okay.” He glanced at 919, 922, and 358. “They need to fit in with my teams though. The long hair has to go, they’ll need to wear sunglasses to hide their eyes and it might distract people from noticing their features as much. I insist on assigning at least one member of the team to be on duty upstairs every evening. Your men can’t drive and they don’t do anything without my permission.”

“That’s fine about assigning someone to be on duty to drive for them.” Justice picked up a pen on the desk.

“Wait,” Brass growled. “I’m willing to do a lot to help his mission succeed but I’m not cutting my hair.”

Justice glanced up at him and grinned. “I forgot. Sorry.” He stared at Tim and shrugged. “He’s got a thing about keeping his hair long. They used to shave all of it off while in captivity and he’s got scarring he wishes to never see again. He will braid it back.”

“He needs to fit in.” Tim shook his head. “That won’t work.”

“He can wear a cap. I’ve seen some of the males on your team do that.” Anger narrowed Justice’s eyes and his features hardened. “You take orders from me and that is how it will be.”

919 noticed the human backed down immediately but he didn’t appear happy about it.

“Fine. He can wear a cap but the other ones get haircuts.”

“I saw one of your males outside and he is shaved bald. I will agree to that,” 358 said as he reached up and fingered his hair. “I won’t miss it.”

“Short is good enough but whatever you decide is fine.” Tim Oberto frowned at Justice. “They need names.”

Justice glanced at 922. “Pick one.”

“Vengeance. I want it for my female.”

“Fuck,” Tim grumbled.

Justice glanced at Brass, then Fury, and back at 922. “Vengeance it is. Just keep a tight leash on your temper or you’ll be sent back here.”


Justice glanced at 358. “Do you have a name in mind?”

He shrugged. “I like Elvis movies.”

Justice grinned. “I like them too but it’s too obvious. I doubt the humans will let that one pass without teasing you. Any second choice?”

“I like the name Shadow. I like to stand still and watch others.”

Brass nodded. “Good name.”

Justice turned his attention on the third male.

919 tensed, put on the spot, and had no idea what to name himself. “May I think about it?”

“I’ve got paperwork to do.” Tim stood from his chair. “I need a name.”

919 stared at 358, his friend who’d just chosen a name. Shadow met and held his gaze. They knew each other well after having spent years in cells close together and both had suffered the same damage.

Shadow finally spoke, never looking away from him. “He should take the name Wrath. He allowed his anger to simmer, relied on his intelligence, but he made them pay when the opportunity presented. The humans always knew he’d eventually get even after they abused us or at least the smart ones did.”

919 felt pride surge and he nodded. “It is a good name.” He glanced at Justice and Brass to see their reactions.

“Just make sure you keep hold of your temper.” Justice scribbled on a folder lying on his desk and passed it to Tim. “Here you go. Here’s information on all four of your new team members. Make sure they are protected but don’t baby them. You wanted them for their skills and strengths. Allow them to use them.” He stared at Brass for long seconds. “You’re in charge of our males. Tim takes orders from you. You can take control of any situation if you deem it necessary.”

“Damn it,” Tim spat. “Now wait a damn min—”

Justice snarled, flashed sharp teeth and shocked everyone in the room except Brass and Fury with his show of temper. Tim backed up enough to almost trip on the chair he’d just vacated and sealed his lips together.

“You work for us. Brass is a seasoned officer of the NSO, I know him well and he has my complete trust. He’s not newly free or unstable. He’s highly intelligent and it’s a joint operation.” He relaxed slightly. “That means your team and ours will work together but Brass is in total charge of my males. Understood?”

“Yeah.” Tim still looked angry. “I got it.”

“Good.” Justice met and held the gazes of the four men who were leaving the NSO. “Be safe and you take your orders from Brass as if I were speaking. Understood?”

“Yes,” they agreed in unison.

Wrath turned and left the office. His friend followed closely behind until they were outside. They both paused, waiting for further orders.

“Shadow is a good name.”

“So is Wrath.” His friend grinned. “I knew you’d pick something kinder but you have strength and a strong sense of justice. It is too bad that name was already taken.”

“Wrath suits my purpose. We’ll find the humans who hurt our people and bring them in to pay for their crimes.”

A scent drew their attention as a female Species neared the office. She smiled and her gaze wandered over Wrath from head to foot. She paused next to him, peered into his eyes and softly purred.


He didn’t know what to say but Shadow came to his rescue. “We’re leaving with the human task force. We don’t have time to socialize.”

The female’s smile faded. “Good luck. You both are very brave.” She walked inside the building.

Wrath relaxed and met Shadow’s eyes. “I’m glad there won’t be females where we’re going.”

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