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Obsidian (New Species #8)
Author: Laurann Dohner

New Species series

Chapter One

Dr. Allison Baker knew what it was like to lose

patients. She’d sat next to them and held their

hands as death hovered to take them away after

their last breaths. It was part of the job and it came

with the territory to understand that some battles

couldn’t be won. It wasn’t something a textbook

could teach but experience and loss had burned

that lesson deep into her soul. It was why she’d left

the hospital to become a member of the NSO med-

ical staff. They represented hope and new life.

Her gaze flicked over the monitor readings and

helplessness settled in. Her patient wasn’t improv-

ing but he wasn’t growing worse either. Limbo

sucked. She gripped the cold metal railing that

would prevent him rolling out of the clinic bed but

it wasn’t needed. He didn’t move, wouldn’t wake,

and hours had passed into days. Then weeks.

Eventually months.

The male New Species had really long, silky

black hair and it shone from being washed and

brushed. She’d tenderly cared for it as if it were

her own. Small, thin scars marred handsome,

fierce features. His lips were really full and plush.

His nose was a bit wide, a little flat, and his

cheekbones jutted out, pronounced. Tape kept his

eyes closed but she knew their chocolate-brown

color well. Every day she removed it and hoped

she’d see a response in his pupils. It hadn’t


“Doc Alli?” The gruff male voice startled her.

She glanced over her shoulder at Destiny. He

was a big primate Species with pretty brown eyes

and really long eyelashes. He stepped into the

room and his mouth curved downward.

“What’s up?”

“You shouldn’t be in here. You know the


Her focus returned to the man who lay meekly

on a bed with tubes and needles attached to him.

“He hasn’t woken and it’s driving me crazy. His

wounds have healed, he’s got brain activity and

I’ve run every test I can think of on him. So have

the other doctors. What am I missing?”

“He could become conscious and you’d be in

danger.” Destiny moved to her side, his big body

only inches away. “He could hurt you if that hap-

pens. He’ll believe he’s still at the mercy of Mer-

cile Industries and you’re human. He’d consider

you the enemy.”

“I wish he would attack me. He’d be awake


He growled softly. “The rules state that you

aren’t allowed to enter this room without me or

another Species male present. The officer was

gone and I scented you down here. Where is


“He went to lunch.” She hesitated. “He locked

the door but I know where you keep the key.” She

shrugged, not bothering to apologize for what

she’d done. “I come in here sometimes when one

of the officers takes a meal break. I’m always

hoping for a change.”

“He has no will to live.”

“I won’t accept that as the reason. I just don’t

understand what physical injury I’m missing. His

body is healed. He should have come out of the

coma. I ordered new drugs to try and hopefully

they will bring him around.”

Destiny remained silent for long seconds. “Per-

haps we should remove the feeding tube and al-

low his body to finish what his mind started.”

Horrified, she jerked her head around to gape

at him. “No!”

“We discussed it.” Sorrow filled his eyes. “We

know so little about him, except he lost his mate.

She died in front of him and he injured himself

attempting to end his suffering. He has no reason

to fight to survive.”

“Who discussed stopping intervention?”

“Everyone. There is no dignity in forcing him

to live when his will is not there.”

“Screw that.” Her temper flared. “There could

be a medical condition that we haven’t diagnosed

yet. We just don’t know for sure.” She stared at

the scarred face that she’d grown to care for so

deeply. “I won’t give up on him.”

“You’re a good female with a kind heart.”

Destiny reached out slowly and curled his big,

warm hand over one of hers. “You’re suffering

more than he is. It might be better to allow nature

to take course.”

“It’s ‘allow nature to take its course’ but no

damn way.” She jerked her hand from beneath his

and shook her head.

Her teeth dented her bottom lip while she wor-

ried over the decision others could make. She was

the patient’s doctor but she had bosses. The NSO

pulled her strings. “There’s something I’m miss-

ing and I just have to figure it out.”

“I came to bathe his body. I was informed that

Field washed his hair this morning.” He hesit-

ated. “You brushed it out for him.”

“Yeah. It was tangled. Field is becoming a

great nurse but he’s not very good at things like


“We’re learning.”

“You’re doing a great job.” She flashed him an

encouraging smile.

“You need to leave while I bathe him.”

“Of course.” New Species were weird about al-

lowing the opposite sex to see an injured one of

their own naked. She understood, respected it, but

she was a doctor. Part of her was curious since

she’d never seen a Species male totally bare from

the waist down but she wasn’t a voyeur either.

She’d feel perverted if she stayed. “Call me if

anything changes.”

“It will not. He lost his mate and he no longer

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