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Smiley (New Species #13)(6)
Author: Laurann Dohner

Vanni fought to form words. “I don’t have any. I left it in my room.”

Brass scowled. “That’s suspicious. Humans always carry certain things and she doesn’t have any of them. No purse. No driver’s license. Did any other hotel guests come near you, Smiley?”

“No. Just her and the bartender.”

“We cleared him, for now. All the humans who work here had thorough background checks. She appears to be the guilty one.”

“What’s going to happen to me? Are they going to call an ambulance?” Vanni’s unease was spiraling into fear.

“A human hospital can’t help us. We need to go to Homeland. That drug was invented for New Species. Our doctors have more knowledge than yours would.” Smiley leaned in closer, holding her gaze.

A hot flash struck and she groaned as her skin started to feel as if it were on fire. She released the lapels of the jacket and latched on to Smiley’s upper arms. A sharp stabbing sensation pierced her stomach and jolted lower to her vagina. She cried out and clung to Smiley. It felt as if someone was tearing her apart with a sword.

“Does anyone have a stun gun on them? We need to put her out.”

It alarmed Vanni when someone said that. They were going to hurt her? She whimpered and leaned forward, pressing her face against Smiley’s shoulder. He stepped closer and allowed it.

“No,” a voice responded. “One of us could punch her hard enough to knock her out.”

“No.” Smiley glowered. “No one is going to hit her.”

“It’s going to get worse,” another man with a deep voice responded. “It would be a kindness. She’s human. To give her a sedative with the breeding drug could send her into cardiac arrest.”

“She might die anyway,” someone else stated.

“The SUVs will be here soon.” Justice North was back. “They have to inspect them first to make sure they weren’t tampered with in the parking structure. How is she doing?”

“Not well.” Smiley released her hips and rubbed her back. “She’s in a lot of pain.”

“I bet she is. Back away, Smiley. I can smell her need from four feet away. Brass, do you think you could hit her and knock her unconscious without causing damage?”

“I don’t know. They are more fragile than our females.”

Ned, the medic, spoke. “I could place her in a choke hold until she loses consciousness. I know how to do it without causing permanent damage but she wouldn’t stay down long.”

“No one is going to hurt her.” Smiley sounded pissed.

“The alternative is restraining her and allowing her to be in agony until you reach Homeland.” Justice sighed. “Which would be crueler?”

Vanni released Smiley’s arms and clutched at his tank top. “Help me.” He’d been nice and had said he wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. She was scared, surrounded by strangers and she hurt worse than she could ever remember. Sweat poured off her and she shrugged, trying to rid herself of his jacket.

Smiley seemed to understand and removed it. It didn’t help. She was burning up and lightheaded. “I have a fever.”

“It’s the drug.” Smiley adjusted his stance and straightened. He didn’t step away though, keeping her on the stool, his body blocking her from the others.

She pressed her face against his chest. He smelled incredible. She lifted her chin and when her lips brushed across hot skin at the top of his tank top, the urge to lick him gripped her. She resisted but she bet he’d taste good too. What the hell am I thinking? What is wrong with me? She felt panic rising. “Smiley!” He needed to help her or get her to a hospital.

He cleared his throat. “Leave us alone.”

“No.” Justice sounded closer. “You’re both going to Homeland.”

“We’re both suffering. I won’t lose control. Clear the room and give us privacy.”

“That’s not happening. It’s what whoever planned this wants,” Justice stated, his voice grim. “I’m sure they believed you’d kill her. You were dosed inside a bar full of humans. You would have snapped if you hadn’t figured out what was going on and we got to you in time to prevent a tragedy.”

Smiley reached between them and curled his hands over hers. “Let go, Vanni.”

She didn’t want to and shook her head. He stepped away and gently pried her fingers off the thin material. She missed the security his body provided and whimpered, staring into his eyes. He surprised her by crouching down to put them at face level.

“Vanni, do you know what the breeding drug does?”

“It doesn’t sound good.”

“Enough,” the tall, ponytailed New Species ordered. “We’ll question her at Homeland.”

Smiley ignored him. “It’s a drug Mercile Industry invented to force Species into an overriding desire to have sex. We heard they were trying to create a human version and it smells as though you took it. You’re sweating the scent out through your pores.”

Distracted by the pain she suffered, Vanni had to fight to keep up with what he was saying. “Like GHB?” She’d heard of date-rape drugs. “I thought that just made someone pass out.”

“Smiley,” Justice interrupted, “you said she’s the one who dosed you.”

“She said she didn’t.”

“You believe her?”

“I don’t know but I’m certain, if she did, whoever gave her the drug didn’t tell her what it would do. Either way, she should have options and know what she faces. She should decide.”

Justice North cursed softly. “Do it.”

Smiley took a deep breath and explained, “You’re not going to pass out. The pain will grow worse, at best guess. With Species it’s excruciating and can cause us to go insane. The only relief is not fighting the drug.”

“I still don’t understand.” She whimpered as the throbbing between her legs intensified. It felt as if her clit were being pinched. It wasn’t pleasant.

“You can either agree to have sex with me to make the pain stop or you can suffer. It’s that simple.”

She was horrified and it must have shown in her expression because he frowned.

“You’ve made your choice. We’ll restrain you so you don’t attack anyone or hurt yourself. Just hang on, Vanni. They’ll get us to Homeland as quickly as possible and to our doctors. They’ll help you.” He stood, releasing her, and addressed Justice North.

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