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Smiley (New Species #13)(5)
Author: Laurann Dohner

“I didn’t. I swear. I would never—” A blast of pain shot through her belly and jolted lower to her clit. The chills left and she started to sweat again.

“Shit.” Smiley’s voice sounded strangely deep and almost inhuman. “Clear the bar. Now. Alert Security that we have an emergency situation.”

“We need to call an ambulance,” Ned argued. “She’s as high as a kite.”

“Do as I say,” Smiley snarled. “Clear the bar and alert our people. Let her go.”

Ned cursed and released her, stepping away to yank out his cell phone. He jerked his head at the second man. “Clear the bar. I’ll make the call.”

Vanni turned her head to look at Smiley as he slid off his barstool and yanked his jacket off the back of it. He draped it over her shoulders and then grabbed the sides of her seat, twisting it to face him. He leaned in and his nostrils flared as he sniffed at her. She watched his tan face pale before his gaze lifted to meet hers.

“What did you do?”


His lips flattened into a tight line and a muscle in his jaw jerked. He made a low rumbling sound, blinked a few times and his Adam’s apple showed that he swallowed hard before he spoke. “I can smell you. We were warned about the drug, Vanni. Where did you get it? Why would you take it?”

She tried not to panic but failed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. What’s happening to me?”

The harsh set of his features and the way his eyes narrowed were scary. “Did they at least warn you about how dangerous it is?”

She was distracted when people started to complain loudly. She turned her head and watched the blond security guy force patrons to leave as he cleared the bar. Men in black uniforms rushed inside to help him.


She looked at Smiley. “What’s going on?”

“That’s what I’d like to know,” a deep voice stated.

She turned and stared at the New Species who wore a black, well-tailored suit. It was designer quality. She knew that face. Some of her fear eased as she stared at Justice North. He was on television all the time and she’d seen plenty of interviews with him. He barely spared her a glance before focusing on Smiley.

“Inhale,” Smiley whispered.

Justice took a deep breath and his full attention snapped to her. His catlike eyes narrowed. “Shit.”

“My sense of smell isn’t as good as yours but I’m right, aren’t I?” Smiley queried.


Vanni shivered, suddenly cold again, despite the jacket draped around her and she grabbed at the edges, holding it tightly against her middle. She wanted to draw her knees up and curl into a ball just to try to get warm.

“Who are you working for?” Justice North glared at her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It’s worse,” Smiley whispered. “I think she dosed my drink too.”

A terrifying snarl came from Justice North and he flashed some scary, sharp fangs, never taking his eyes off her while he spoke to Smiley. “You think or you know you were dosed?”

“I’m pretty sure I was. I’m sweating, my heart rate is up and I’m feeling it in my jeans. She’s attractive and I’m starting to hurt. I didn’t drink enough to lose control but I’m in for some hell.”

“What is the emergency?” A New Species arrived, sporting the NSO uniform, his black hair pulled into a ponytail. He was huge. He sniffed and growled. “Breeding drug. I can smell it.”

“It’s coming from her,” Smiley informed him. “She drank it and dosed me too, Brass.”



Chapter Two


“I want to go now.” Vanni was afraid and confused. They were talking about her as if she’d drugged both Smiley and herself. She tried to slide off the barstool to escape but Smiley prevented her from leaving when he grabbed her hips and pushed her back against the seat.


His hands were warm where he held her and she noticed again how really good he smelled. She couldn’t believe she noticed that with everything going on but she did. “What’s happening to me?”

She stared into Smiley’s eyes, hoping he’d tell her. Some emotion flashed in them but she couldn’t identify it. He turned his head away but kept hold of her as he looked at Justice North.

“I don’t think they warned her what would happen. She’s scared. No one could act this well.”

“We need to get both of you out of here.” Justice withdrew a phone from his pocket. “I’ll order two SUVs to drive around the hotel and we’ll take you out a back door rather than asking the hotel for permission to use their heliport. It’s the least suspicious way. There are too many reporters on scene. Medical will be on standby when you reach Homeland. You’ll be taken in separate vehicles.”

“No.” Smiley shook his head. “The trip will take about two hours and she’ll attack the males if her symptoms worsen.”

“They can restrain her.” Justice turned and strode a few feet away to talk on the phone. He kept his voice low so she couldn’t hear what was said.

She looked around the room and was terrified to see the bar had been cleared of everyone except New Species and men wearing NSO uniforms. She counted over a dozen.

“Vanni?” She looked up at Smiley. “It’s going to get far worse. How much pain are you in?”

“A lot,” she admitted. Her stomach hurt and she was very aware of the area between her thighs. “What’s wrong with me? Is it poison?”

“Worse.” He bent down until their faces were close. “That drug you put in our drinks is a breeding drug.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about but I didn’t do it.”

“You sat next to me. You’re the only one I let down my guard around.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

His expression softened. “I want to believe you.” He glanced around then spoke to the guy with the ponytail. “Brass, she said she didn’t do it. Perhaps it was someone else.”

The male stepped forward and visually examined Vanni. “Where is your purse?” He patted her down, removing the hotel key card from her skirt pocket then frowned, staring at her. “Where is your identification?”

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