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Mate Set (Mating Heat #1)
Author: Laurann Dohner


Chapter One

Mika experienced fear and confusion as the four men surrounded her. She was supposed to be safe in Bartock. This was her uncle’s town—humans were off limits to werewolves, it being law to leave them alone. The four men who had grabbed her from the sidewalk and dragged her down the alley weren’t following the rules. They’d released her but she was trapped in the corner of two buildings that prevented escape.

Three of them were blond and resembled each other enough that she knew they had to be brothers. The fourth one was black haired and looked nothing similar to his companions. They were silently watching her and she had the sinking feeling that they were toying with her as though she were a trapped mouse.

There was no doubt what they were. The one closest to her was showing his teeth.

They were sharp and his mouth was a little too long to be normal. The drunken man to her right was sprouting so much hair that his arms looked like hairy mats, and unless cheek hair was the norm, his face was way too hairy. He also had wild eyes. Drunken werewolves were obviously bad at maintaining their human appearance and at least two of them had slipped enough to let her know what they were. The smell of alcohol was strong enough that she breathed through her mouth.

“I’m human,” she said softly. “Back off me now.”

“Totally fuckable.” The blond to her right leered at her. “We were looking for a bitch and now we have her. I say we go by age on who gets her first.” The second blond softly growled. “You say that because you are the oldest. Let’s go by size. Smallest to biggest so she survives longer.” She didn’t know these men. She was trying hard to control her fear since she knew the scent of that emotion to a werewolf was an aphrodisiac. That’s the last thing she wanted to smell like considering the four were talking about sex. She frantically tried to bring up a memory that would piss her off.

Her ex-boyfriend came to mind instantly. Ralph had cheated on her, she’d caught him dead to rights in the act but he’d told her it wasn’t how it looked, as though his dick inside another woman could be anything other than what it was. Anger burned.

Ralph thought she was a freakin’ idiot.

“I said back off me.” She was proud that her anger was clear.

The beefy blond with the teeth and hairy-arm problem was closest to her. He sniffed, his brown eyes narrowing as he softly growled at her. She tensed. He was close enough now to smell her fear, which was probably making the wolf’s senses go into overdrive. He inched even closer.

The black-haired one licked his lips. “She looks tasty, doesn’t she, cousins?” 6


Mate Set

Mika pressed her back tightly against the brick wall. Her gaze flicked from one man to another. They were definitely showing her what they were, whether they meant to or not. She had no doubt of her predicament at that moment. She was in deep shit.

She was trapped against a wall with no escape. She bit her lip harder but then released it when she realized, if she made herself bleed, she was done for. It would send all four men into frenzy and she’d be at the center of it. If they shifted into their wolf forms completely, they’d tear her apart.

“Breathe through your mouths,” she ordered them. “And back up. I’m human and it’s against the law to attack me.”

The black-haired one growled, taking a step closer, making Mika glare. He glared back but hunger lurked in his eyes as well. Her look darted to the other three. Hunger burned in their scary eyes as well. She was screwed, literally and figuratively, if she didn’t get control of these four men fast. She probably wouldn’t survive the attack, and she even if she did, she was pretty certain she would wish she hadn’t. Surviving one out-of-control werewolf would be tough. Four of them would be a miracle. Mika’s luck just wasn’t that good.

“Take off your clothes and present to me,” the second blond growled at her.

“I’m not a werewolf,” she yelled at him. “Do you hear me? I’m not taking my clothes off and I sure as hell won’t be getting on my hands and knees to show my ass to you. I’m human. Go find one of your own if you want to get laid. Leave me alone.”

“She knows about us,” the black-haired one growled. “She knows what ‘present’

means. Human or not, I say we take her.”

“Shit,” Mika gasped. “You’re slipping form. That’s how I know what the hell you are. You need to shave your arms in the worst way and two of you are showing canine teeth. Don’t do this. I’m Omar Deken’s niece,” she said in a shaky voice. “If you hurt me, he’ll hunt down every damn one of you. I’m pack protected.” The blond closest to her sniffed again, frowning. “You’re not pack. You’re not even the right race, and you don’t carry a man’s scent, so you aren’t claimed.”

“I’m under Omar’s protection. He’ll kill you and I’m not kidding about that.”

“Who?” The first blond growled. “I don’t know him.” Shock hit her hard that these men weren’t familiar with her uncle’s name. That meant they weren’t from anywhere around Bartock County so they weren’t pack. Any shifter within a hundred miles knew her uncle. All hope of talking her way out of this mess suddenly evaporated. She was going to die a horrible death. She squeezed against the brick wall, wishing she could become one with it. They weren’t Alpha Pack so the rules wouldn’t apply to them.

“He’s the alpha’s advisor. He’s also best friends with Alpha Elroy. You know him, right? You’re in his territory.” Her voice shook.



Laurann Dohner

They sniffed her, moving in closer, as horrible images filled her mind. Would they take turns raping her or would they all attack at once? She knew it was going to hurt.

Her uncle had told her all about werewolves and he was an expert since he was one.

Uncle Omar had given her the birds and wolves sex talk when she had once asked if she could ever date a werewolf when she was a teenager. He’d been horrified at even the thought, made damn sure all boys from the pack weren’t allowed near her, and had promptly sent her back to California. She remembered what he’d told her though.

Werewolves were dominant creatures, highly sexual, aggressive and rough. He’d also told her that she’d never have to worry about one coming after her.

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