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The Bad Boy Billionaire What a Girl Wants  by  Maya Rodale
The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild  by  Maya Rodale
The Bad Boy Billionaire's Wicked Arrangement  by  Maya Rodale
Australian Millionaires #4 - Taming Her Billionaire Boss  by  Maxine Sullivan
Billionaire Bodyguard #2 - Defended & Desired  by  Kristi Avalon
Billionaire Bodyguard #1 - Billionaire Bodyguard  by  Kristi Avalon
Billionaire Bad Boy  by  Kendra Little
Bedding The Billionaire  by  Kendra Little
Her Billionaires #5.2 - Complete Harmony  by  Julia Kent
Her Billionaires #5.1 - Complete Abandon  by  Julia Kent
Her Billionaires #4 - Her Two Billionaires and a Baby  by  Julia Kent
Her Billionaires #3 - Her Two Billionaires  by  Julia Kent
Her Billionaires #2 - Her Second Billionaire  by  Julia Kent
Her Billionaires #1 - Her First Billionaire  by  Julia Kent
The Billionaire  by  Jordan Silver
The Billionaire and The Pop Star  by  Jordan Silver
Marriage to a Billionaire #4.5 - The Book of Spells  by  Jennifer Probst
Marriage to a Billionaire #4 - The Marriage Merger  by  Jennifer Probst
Marriage to a Billionaire #3 - The Marriage Mistake  by  Jennifer Probst
Marriage to a Billionaire #2 - The Marriage Trap  by  Jennifer Probst
Marriage to a Billionaire #1 - The Marriage Bargain  by  Jennifer Probst
Biker Billionaire #3 - Riding the Heir  by  Jasinda Wilder
Biker Billionaire #2 - The Mile High Club  by  Jasinda Wilder
Biker Billionaire #1 - A Wild Ride  by  Jasinda Wilder
The Billionaire's Unlikely Bride 2  by  Helen Cooper
The Billionaire's Unlikely Bride  by  Helen Cooper
The Words He Wanted to Hear  by  Helen Cooper
How To Catch A Billionaire  by  Helen Cooper
Alpha Billionaire #2 - Alpha Billionaire, Part II  by  Helen Cooper
Alpha Billionaire #1 - Alpha Billionaire, Part I  by  Helen Cooper
The Billionaire Banker #5 - Love's Sacrifice  by  Georgia Le Carre
The Billionaire Banker #4 - Seduce Me  by  Georgia Le Carre
The Billionaire Banker #3 - Besotted  by  Georgia Le Carre
The Billionaire Banker #2.1 - Exposed  by  Georgia Le Carre
The Billionaire Banker #2 - Forty 2 Days  by  Georgia Le Carre
The Billionaire Banker #1 - Owned  by  Georgia Le Carre
The Billionaire Bad Boys Club  by  Emma Holly
At His Side  by  Delilah Fawkes
At His Warning  by  Delilah Fawkes
At His Desire  by  Delilah Fawkes
At His Word  by  Delilah Fawkes
At His Instruction  by  Delilah Fawkes
At His Insistence  by  Delilah Fawkes
At His Command  by  Delilah Fawkes
At His Mercy  by  Delilah Fawkes
At His Service  by  Delilah Fawkes
Stepbrother Billionaire  by  Colleen Masters
The Billionaire's Wife (Part Two)  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Wife  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Forever  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Trust  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Past  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Promise  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Lust  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Secret  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Girlfriend  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Heart  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Passion  by  Ava Claire
The Billionaire's Contract  by  Ava Claire
Ultimate Bliss  by  Ashley Blake
The Billionaire's Desire  by  Ashley Blake
Dubai Confidental  by  Ashley Blake
Royal Desire  by  Artemis Hunt
Infamous Desire  by  Artemis Hunt
Forbidden Desire  by  Artemis Hunt
Mysterious Desire  by  Artemis Hunt
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