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Anonymous Encounters (The Billionaires Club #5)
Author: Cassandra Dee




I watched as the female came closer. She was cute, maybe about five five with a medium ass and tentative eyes. The girl was a B, B+ on a good day, maybe a C on a bad, depending on if that blonde hair frizzed out. Not that the hair mattered, it’s not like I was going to be stroking her head or touching anywhere except for one particular place.

Because I’m a mofo of the worst kind. Worse than your worst nightmare. Worse that what your greatest enemy would wish on you. But yeah, here I am, at the Great American Concert Hall, stalking prey again, although you wouldn’t know it. It’s not like I’m wearing a trenchcoat and shades like some pervy Inspector Gadget. Instead, looking into the shadows, you’d see a tall, dark handsome SOB, someone to make your pussy run wet and insides quiver with lust.

And it’s just the truth. That’s how women see me, that’s how they’ve seen me since I was fourteen and Mrs. Lenz made me into a man. Can you believe it? Little Terry Lenz was so small, but we were buddies since nursery school, playing with blocks and Play-Doh. But opportunity is everywhere, and one day when I was physically a man, Mrs. Lenz went for it. The forty-year old was all over me, opening that housedress and pushing massive boobies against my teen chest, giggling and cooing my name.

Did I take it? Or did I do the wrong thing? You got it. Wrong is my middle name, asshat is how I play the game. Because fuck yeah, I was on those MILF tits immediately, like a dog on a bone, getting my dick wet for the first time in my friend’s mom’s twat. So yeah, it’s been a long ride since, and I know what the ladies like. It’s been decades of female tits and ass by now, and frankly, it comes fucking easy.

So yeah, if you peered into the shadows you’d think, “Holy shit, what a good looking dude. Must be waiting for some glamazon model, wish that girl was me.”

But most times, people don’t look. They’re busy smoking out, getting ready for the concert, milling about chatting with friends while swigging drinks. Maybe it’s the alcohol, but most folks are already in a daze by the time the music starts. And it doesn’t matter who’s on stage. Could be some 80’s nostalgia band or some emo group from Europe. These folks are in their own worlds, stoned beyond belief.

So when the girl took a position in the corner by the railing, my dick rose immediately. There was an alertness about the blonde that set her apart, eyes looking around breathlessly, big and round. There was no drink in her hand, and she was alone. Yup, definitely her. Everyone else was here with their friends, jostling each other, chatting, smiling and laughing a little too loud. But the blonde was just one person.

So as the lights dimmed, I made my way to stand behind her. It was pretty easy, it’s not that crowded on the upper balcony, these aren’t exactly the best seats. Actually, they’re the worst ones because there are no seats, it’s just a box for people to stand in and sway as the live music starts. And once the guitars start thrumming, the crowd starts moving, the perfect time for a strike.

So as the lights dimmed, I made my way up behind the rounded blonde.

“Hey,” I murmured into her ear from behind.

The girl was immediately still, startled like a rabbit.

“Discreet Encounters?” I asked. “Number 345?”

She hesitated for a moment, blue eyes looking straight ahead, almost unable to reply. But slowly, that chin nodded, eyes fixed forwards. Good girl. That’s what I like to see. In our brief discussion, I’d made clear that under absolutely no circumstances could she turn around. This was an anonymous fuck, a no-name, no-face, no-nothing type of encounter, and if she turned I’d be gone in an instant. So the girl held still, barely breathing, the crowd swaying around us.

And pulling my jacket forwards, I stepped behind her so that my big body loomed over the tiny female. She was so small that this was gonna be a little difficult actually. But as the music sounded out from down below, the female leaned over the balcony a little, like she was enjoying the performance, trying to get closer to the musicians. Fuck yeah, that’d do the trick. The blonde was bending at the right angle, tilting her ass up so that I could get in.

Pulling my jacket forwards once more, I ran one big hand up the back of a tiny thigh. It was okay. Not great. I like ‘em thick and juicy, and this girl was just too small. Her leg was a little gristly, like an underfed chicken, but it was fine. I’d survive.

And as the blonde gasped, the button on her jeans popped. Oh yeah, I have magic fingers and even though that denim was skin tight, I peeled it off to reveal a small, flat ass. Again, about C quality. This was no beautiful bubble butt, this was about five sizes too small, more like a Waffle House pancake rather than a rounded, luscious peach. But what the hell, the target was so near and there was no sense in beating around the bush.

So in one fell swoop, I pushed two fingers into the girl’s twat, making her gasp. Oh yeah, the female’s head fell back and she let out a tiny whimper, eyes falling shut as my digits made their entrance. When I said finger fuck, I didn’t say that we were going to a shit-ton of teasing or anything like that. I said “finger fuck” and that’s what I meant. So going for gold, I went to town on that little vag as the band played below, sawing my fingers in and out of that sweet hole as the girl gasped and panted, head nodding back and forth, bobbing to the music.

And as the song crescendoed, it happened. The blonde fell apart on my hand, that tiny pussy squeezing me tight, juices everywhere, squirting like a fountain into my palm. Fuck, fuck, fuck it felt good. I love it when a girl loses it, vaginal muscles clenching, personal nectar running like honey all over my fist, it’s the ultimate validation. And as she descended from earth, it was all good. Slowly, deftly, my digits exited, leaving that hot hole trembling and empty.

Immediately the girl’s head swung around, mouth already open to ask a question, to get my name, all that bullshit. But too late. I was already gone in the crowd, just the back of a tall, dark head and some broad shoulders disappearing with every passing second. I could have been the guy to the right, the one already looking at her with interest, smiling a slick grin with no idea what had just happened. Or I could have been the older geezer on the left, the one double-fisting PBR, eyes already blood-shot.

But it didn’t matter. She was too late, and besides, the deed was done. Our anonymous encounter was over, and we’d both gotten what we came for. The blonde had had a screaming orgasm at the skilled hands of a faceless dude, excitement and lust pouring through her veins. And I’d had a wet pussy clenching all over me, cunt juice spilling into my palm as one more woman gave it all up with a series of helpless quivers. But did I want more? Hell no. Did I want to see her again? Hell no. Did I care? Hell no. These things are one-off type events and that’s the beauty of it. We’d had our exchange … and I was fucking done.

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