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Taken by The Billionaire (Sold to The Billionaire #3)(3)
Author: J.L. Beck

“Hurry the fuck up, Taylor!” Antonio’s voice boomed over the crowd. I filled my tray with bottles of beer and walked out into the crowd offering anyone who wanted a drink one.

My movements were slow and my footsteps were tiny. Fear snaked up my back as the feeling of something bad lingered in the air.

“Tonight we have a young woman with a bright future ahead of her…” I heard the announcer’s voice echoing throughout the room and knew exactly what that bad feeling had been from.

They were auctioning off girls tonight, ones that had no useful purpose to Antonio. A thin sheen of sweat formed against my hands making the tray wobble. It reminded me of the night that Seth had taken me.

His bid wasn’t only the highest, but it was the only one for that matter. He knew the moment he saw me that I was going to be his. I had this intuition that Seth was on the hunt for me, but I refused to let him find me like this. Then again, maybe I could use that to my advantage.

“I’m not going to tell you again…” Antonio’s deep, seductive voice filtered into my ears. He was pissed, I could tell that much from the tone of his voice.

“What?” I questioned dazed.

“See, that’s it little girl. Maybe I’ve been too easy on you. Maybe I’ve given you too many chances.” His fingers dug into my arm, causing the remaining drinks on my tray to sway.

“What… What do you mean? I’m doing exactly as asked…” My words were laced with confusion. I could smell the bourbon on his breath, the potent smell stinging the insides of my nostrils. It brought me back to the night my life with Antonio forever changed.

He stumbled into my small room completely drunk, his eyes were bloodshot and his movements were jerky. I had heard him drinking downstairs with his buddies. I hated this place, and hated that I was taking my father’s punishment. Had I been a selfish person maybe I would’ve told him to fend for himself.

“You’ve been teasing me with your long, tan legs and perfectly shaped lips.” His words were slurred and I watched as he swayed back and forth on unsteady feet. Something deep down in the pits of my stomach told me this was bad and that nothing good was going to come from him being in here alone with me.

“I…” Lust filled his dark eyes. I needed to find a way to get myself out of this situation before it turned ugly. “I’m owned by another man…” His steps wavered and he leaned against the wall, a sickening smile pulling at his lips.

“We will just have to see about that then won’t we…” A shudder ran down my spine as he slammed down onto my small frame, the entire weight of his body suffocating me.

“Your nothing but a dumb slut… I think you should be the next placed up for auction.” The sound of Antonio’s angry voice brought me back to the present. My feet slid across the floor with ease as he pulled me in the direction of the bar.

“Do it!” I tried to pull from his steel hold.

“Oh I’m sure you would appreciate that. I’m sure you would love being passed around.” His words lingered and my stomach rolled at the thought of what he had said.

My entire body slammed into the side of the bar, pain shooting down my leg and into my hip. Tears welled up in my eyes and relief coursed through my veins as Antonio released me.

“You see those fuckin’ tables over there?” Antonio growled, as he pointed in the direction of the elite buyers. “They need drinks. Do what I fucking tell you to do and get them whatever the hell they want.” I nodded my head up and down, my lips pressed together firmly stopping any response from coming out.

Antonio stared down at me like I was a piece of shit on the bottom of his shoe and I couldn’t help but compare him to Seth more and more every day. Yeah Seth was dark and tormented, but he never would’ve hurt me in the ways this man had.

Why did you leave then? The question swirled around inside my head for years. I was young and naïve then, and didn’t think anything of it. I also knew that if Seth told you to do something you did it, so I left.

That was my biggest regret because even if I did find my way back to him some day, he wouldn’t want me like he had before. The one thing that promised me to him was gone now that Antonio had gotten his sickening hands on me.

“Go!” Antonio shoved me and I almost fell, my feet catching on the barstool. The tray slipped from my hands and clattered to the floor. I knew the scene that Antonio had made was about to get ten times bigger.

But the floor never came into view and a pair of strong arms wrapped around my front stopping my descent. I lifted my eyes to the stranger that had just all but saved my life, my mouth hanging open.

“Seth…” His name came out in a whisper.

“Angel…” He smirked and my heartbeat skyrocketed.



Chapter Three



It took everything in me not to grab that son of a bitch by the throat and show him just who it was that he was fucking with when he touched Taylor.

“I’m sorry.” The asshole apologized for her with a fire flickering in his eyes as he twisted her arm, ripping her from my hold. My teeth ground together as I acknowledged what he said with a tip of my chin. I watched as he ripped her away from me, the possessiveness of his touch driving me crazy.

The look of fear in Taylor’s eyes was astounding. Whoever this fucker was, she didn’t want to be near him and that bothered me. This couldn’t be the douchebag that had her skipping town every few weeks.

My gaze followed him as he guided her roughly in the direction he wanted her to go. He dressed like he had money and I could tell that he was packing from the bulge in the back of his suit.

What the hell was I going do? I had everything figured out before I got here and saw her but now, now things had changed. Now I knew she was in a shit situation and I needed to be the rescuer- a role I had never played before.

“Can I get a whiskey, please?” I asked one of the passing waitresses. She acknowledged me with a smile and said, “It would be my pleasure.” I almost laughed, this was the shit show job that angel had gotten herself into?

I returned my attention back to Taylor, her eyes refusing to meet mine even though I saw her watching me out of the corner of her eyes. Did she just expect me to leave? If so, she didn’t know me as well as she thought.

Hell, I didn’t even know myself anymore. Three years had passed since I last touched Taylor. Since I last tasted her sweet lips. Even back then she was intoxicating, like a drug you just wanted to keep taking from until it either killed you or knocked you the fuck out.

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