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Dangerous Temptation (Montana Men #5)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox



Mackenna sat up straighter in the uncomfortable chair. A new job? Her ears perked up.

“It isn’t going to be easy,” her boss was saying. “I don’t know what the office files look like.”

A new position? A new town? A job not in Billings, Montana? She could get outta Dodge? Away from a slimy, disgusting, morally bankrupt ex-boyfriend, who thought he was God’s gift to the medical profession and women, in that order?

“The job is in Jefferson, Montana, although the clinic is still part of our hospital system, so technically, you’d still be working for me.”

Mackenna’s heart started beating faster. An escape! She clasped her fingers together on her lap, her whole body almost vibrating with the need to raise her hand and volunteer for the job.

No! She had to be practical about this! Get more information! Visit the city and the clinic in question, find out what she would be getting into. This could be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.

“Anyone?” her boss asked the rest of the staff.

Mackenna bowed her head. She was the calm, rationale one. She never did anything spontaneously! And moving to a new town, a small town, with no foreknowledge of what this new job might entail would be a stupid, outrageous, poorly thought-out move.

Lifting her head, she took a slow, deep, steadying breath. No, she wasn’t going to volunteer for the job. She would talk to her boss after this staff meeting, get more information about the requirements and…

The image of John, her ex-boyfriend popped into her mind. Well, actually, it wasn’t really the man so much as the expression on the nurse’s face when Mackenna had walked in on the two of them in the supply closet. Unfortunately, they hadn’t been discussing a patient. Equally unfortunate was Mackenna’s timing. Her intrusion had spurred on John’s orgasm, leaving the very pretty nurse…unsatisfied. And yes, it was very unfortunate that the can of red spray paint had been handy.

Mackenna couldn’t stop the giggle as she remembered John’s butt after she’d spray painted it red. He looked like one of those baboons in the jungle.

Her only excuse for what happened next was that she was still laughing too hard at her baboon-butt-ex-fiancé.

“I’ll do it!”

Everyone in the staff meeting turned, almost as one, to stare in shock. Even Mackenna cringed inwardly as she realized that she’d actually spoken the words out loud. She even had her hand raised in the air, just in case everyone else in the room hadn’t turned their heads at her outburst. Yes, she needed her hand in the air to show everyone what an idiot she was.

But did she back down?

Oh, no! John’s smirking expression was still in her mind, followed by his irritating, arrogant assurances that she just needed to sleep with him to understand why he’d cheated. Yep, that memory was the reason she was sitting here with her hand up in the air, her resolve firmly in place.

She had to get out of Billings, she thought. She’d already submitted her resume to several other hospitals in other cities. Why not take this job? It was seventy-five miles from Billings, so it was far enough away that she wouldn’t need to deal with Baboon-Butt-John or see his smug, irritating face every day.

After a prolonged silence, her boss smiled, tentatively relieved. “Are you sure?” her boss asked, startled that Mackenna had volunteered. “The previous doctor who ran the clinic in Jefferson was old school. There could be a few files that are out of place, missing, or worse.”

Mackenna could deal with errant files. What she couldn’t deal with was seeing John every day, knowing that he’d done…that…with one of the other staff members. And because she’d caught him with that particular nurse, Mackenna was fairly sure that he’d done…that…with others.

“I’m sure,” she said, swallowing back her reservations. She wasn’t sure about the job. She was very sure about her need to get away from cheating, lying, horrible bastards who professed undying love and affection one moment, then got a spray painted butt the next because they couldn’t keep it in their pants.

Her boss looked at her warily, but with hope in her eyes. “Let’s talk after this meeting and go through the idea in a bit more detail,” she offered.

Mackenna nodded her head, pretending to relax back into her chair. But in reality, her mind was already making plans, figuring out everything she would need to do in order to move away from Billings.

Even as she thought about it, her heart pounded with excitement. She’d been here in Billings for too long. Billings was a nice enough town, as long as one wasn’t dating, or formerly engaged to, a lying, cheating, weasel of a boyfriend who thought it was his right to boink every human that walked upright.

Uh! What had she seen in him? John was just…sleazy! He was sleazy and gross and a really bad kisser!

It suddenly occurred to her that she hadn’t even cried over her broken engagement to John. She’d simply tossed her engagement ring at him…well…at his red butt, and then walked out of the supply closet.

Seriously, the supply closet? Could the red-reared man be any more cliché?

Regardless, she definitely didn’t want to deal with him any longer. This new job seemed like the perfect opportunity to get away from the whole mess.


“You’re kidding!” Vince snapped, jerking upright in his chair. “Mom, when did he die?”

Doctor Vince DeBron leaned over so that his elbows were resting on his knees as he listened to the news that his mentor, Doctor Jacobsen, had passed away. Vince had idolized the country doctor who’d had a brilliant mind and a calm demeanor, both of which had helped so many patients over the years get through everything from a simple scraped knee to terminal cancer.

Shaking his head, Vince reeled with the news, trying to process. “So, who is taking over?” Vince asked, and was equally shocked by his mother’s response. “No one? How is that possible? It’s a prime position that has the support of a major hospital system!” In his mind, any doctor should jump at the possibility of taking over from Doctor Jacobsen. Small town life, loyal community, relatively healthy community…there were no downsides to the job. Of course, Doctor Jacobsen would be a hard act to follow. The man was brilliant, after all. He might have practiced in rural Montana, but he’d submitted several papers over the years with astute observations and stats to back up his assertions.

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