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Release (Billionaire Rock Star Romance #3)
Author: Bella Love-Wins

Chapter 1



SEBASTIAN looked down into Alexandra’s eyes. “Think you can get back here soon?” he asked.

Her limo was waiting on the curb. It would take her to the airport for her trip back to Los Angeles any minute now.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll find a way. How about you? Any chance you can come my way sometime?”

He raised the two crutches he walked on out to the side. “As soon as I lose these, get past my physical therapy and have an idea about when I can return to work, I’ll be there…for at least a weekend.”

“Sounds like the best we can do.”


“I feel bad leaving you like this,” she said, eyeing each crutch. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Positive. My aunt’s already cleared her schedule. She’ll take me to my appointments and probably baby me a bit with meals and laundry.”


She buried her head in his chest, and Sebastian kissed the top of her head, just before Alexandra looked up at him again.

“You should go,” he told her. “Before I keep you here.”

She smiled and he took in her sunny eyes, her lips that looked like they needed one last kiss before she tore away. “I’ll miss you so much, Bash.” Her voice cracked as she said it.

Cupping her face, he met her lips with his. A brief kiss. “Me too.”

Alex backed away from him with a shaky exhale. “Call me. Anytime okay?”

“I will.”

He watched her step into the limo, and waited for it to drive away.

Now comes the hard part.


* * *


ALEXANDRA clung to images of Bash as her private plane took off from Tucson. She wished there could be some other way for them to keep seeing each other. Sadly, that fantasy was not in the cards right now. Bash needed to complete his physical therapy here in Tucson, and it was time for her to go back to the life waiting for her in Los Angeles.

Her last four days in town had been like riding a roller coaster. Bash supplied the highs while her label, Wilkes and the media had wholeheartedly provided the lows. The Blaze Entertainment A&R team kept her days busy with image planning for her album release. Wilkes saw it fit to agree to several interviews about his proposal to Alexandra, capitalizing on the horrendously drama-filled clip where he got down on one knee at the hotel. Bash had taken it in all stride, and the only other saving grace was that somehow, his name never entered the fray.

On the plane, her headphones blasted Southern Indie rock in her ears, with haunting harmonies and raw vocals that blended flawlessly with the scrape of her heart just getting by, beat by beat. It was someone else’s music, but the boys in the Tennessee band seemed to be singing the story of her life—a sad refrain with deep bass notes and clashing cymbals.

After stretching out in the spacious airplane seats that fully reclined, Alexandra wanted to wrap herself in the quilt her mother had given her before she passed away. It was waiting for her in Los Angeles, a fixture on her bed that had become a security blanket of sorts. Now she was going back to it, the only thing in Los Angeles that felt like home. She wondered what things would be like if life had taken a different track.

Would Sebastian have told me years ago I was his high school crush?

She closed her eyes and imagined they might have dated a handful of months and realized they were all wrong for each other. Maybe they would have remained friends. Another possibility was they might have fallen madly in love, gotten married by now, and even had children. She could almost see both sides of the coin toss, both pleasant. Either way, they could have gotten to know each other back then, and would have been better for having done so. The idea of a normal life had its appeal, but at the moment, it didn’t feel like a luxury she could have.

I don’t know what would’ve happened if things had been different.

I’ll never know.

Before she had learned of Dad’s illness and left Los Angeles, Alexandra had high hopes for what she would find in Tucson. She had been so sure the answers she needed would be there. She was disillusioned after years of playing industry games and dancing to the beat of everybody else’s drum, and this trip was supposed to help her clear her mind and figure out what she wanted. Instead, she was returning to Los Angeles feeling even more conflicted.

The reality is, I belong to the label.

Until my contract expires, I’m owned.

In her last few minutes in bed with Bash before her flight, he had told her she was the fire he could not put out, and damn, every time she closed her eyes, she saw the look on his face when he had said it. Christ, with words like that, Bash gave her hope anything was possible—except she still couldn’t shake the feeling that anytime now, her life would collide with his in the public eye, and all hell would break loose.

I wish I knew how to stop that from happening.

It feels so damned inevitable.

I’m going to fuck up Sebastian’s life. I just know it.

Setting aside the sinking feeling that the other shoe was about to drop, she sat up and reached for her smartphone to look at the latest emails from Rick.


“What?” Eva asked from the seat on the other side of the aisle near Alexandra. She had hitched a ride back to Los Angeles, and like the perfect bestie who understood her moods, had left Alexandra to her thoughts up until then.

“Rick, that’s what.”

“What did he do now?”

“He scheduled me to interview and perform on Sammy P. Higgins Live.”

“That’s not so bad.”

“Yes it is. It’s for tomorrow night.”

“Oh. Well, think of it as jumping back in with both feet, honey. Maybe that’s what you need after such a long break without your music.”

Alexandra put the smartphone away. “Hmmm. You know what? Maybe it’ll be good for something else too.”

Eva removed her blackout sleeping mask and looked over at Alexandra. “Uh oh. You look like you have something brewing over there. I hope it doesn’t end up like your Alex Roberts idea.”

Alexandra smirked. “I think it will be memorable.”

“Good God,” Eva answered, and put the mask back on.


* * *


Finally home in Los Angeles and up in her room, Alexandra snatched off the headphones. She tossed them aside with a desolate growl, dragging out a notebook before picking up her guitar. God, she missed it. That was something to give her a bit of solace now that she was back in town. It was the longest she had gone without touching it—ever.

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