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Dangerous Enticement (Montana Men #4)
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Chapter 1


“Please let him be alone,” Lena whispered, leaning her forehead against the heavy door. “Please, please let him be alone!”

She whispered the chant into the air, her eyes closed and hands clenching tightly around the leather notebook she carried with her at all times. The subtle energy in the air reminded her that she wasn’t alone. Too late, she remembered the bodyguards that always stood sentry right outside this very door. Since she was also outside the door, the guards were most likely entertained witnesses to her desperate pleas. Lena’s eyes popped open and she found herself staring into the assuredly amused eyes of not one, not two, but three big, tall, burly bodyguards. Quickly, she jerked away from the door, glaring at the men, silently telling them that they’d better not laugh.

Darn it! They were always so silent! It was hard to remember their presence sometimes.

Well, to be perfectly honest, it was hard to remember anything when facing the kind of task ahead of her. She might love her job as personal assistant to Sheik Droon El-Hashim, but there were aspects of it that she hated. Waking him up, with the possibility of another woman in his bed, was at the top of the list.

With another glance at the still silent, but obviously amused guards, she knew that this had to be done.

Darn it! What she wouldn’t give to be anywhere but here at this particular moment.

“Right,” she sighed, leaning her head against the heavy wood again to hide her embarrassment at being caught talking to herself. Pushing away from the door, she straightened her shoulders, took another deep, bracing breath, then spun around and pushed her way into the room, pretending like nothing had happened. This was just another ordinary meeting and she wasn’t entering the most gorgeous man’s bedroom where he was most likely naked. And most likely with a naked, beautiful female.

Thankfully, the suite was large enough that she could sneak into the darkened interior a few more steps without being noticed and could make sure that the man in question wasn’t with a…companion.

From her position in the middle of the elegant living room floor, she peered around the bedroom doorway, trying to see if the man was alone or if there were two shapes underneath the silk sheets. She sighed with relief when she saw only one person in the bed and counted herself lucky once again. She’d had to wake him several times the first few months she’d worked here. Thankfully, the past few occasions, he’d been alone.

Straightening again, using her professionalism like a shield, she stepped into the bedroom and knocked on the wall to her right side, not daring to walk fully into the room. “Your Highness,” she called softly.


Clearing her throat, she took several more steps closer to the bed and the sleeping man. “Excuse me, Your Highness, but the Minister of Defense needs to speak to you urgently.”

Still nothing. Not even a twitch.

She came closer still and gasped when she saw the man himself. He was lying on his stomach with the silk sheets barely covering the bottom half of his body. But the upper half was…incredible! The muscles along his spine and shoulders created dents and lines on the broad expanse of his back and his arms which were splayed out on the mattress, bulging with muscles on the biceps and forearms. There wasn’t a spot on the man’s body that wasn’t covered in hard, fascinating muscle. Lina’s mouth went dry as she contemplated all of them, revealed in glorious detail for her visual absorption.

It wasn’t like she’d never seen a man without a shirt on. She’d even seen this particular man before. But every time she saw Droon, those amazing, hard muscles shocked her all over again. No man could compare with Droon El-Hashim, Sheik of Gibain. It wasn’t enough that the man was leader of one of the wealthiest oil producing countries in the world. Why did he also have to be stunningly gorgeous, tall, and…damn it…he was even kind and charming! Okay, so he could be harsh when the circumstances warranted it, but in the year she’d been working for the man, she’d never seen him be unfair about any issue that came across his desk. He worked long, difficult hours running the country. Physically, he trained harder than his military generals and bodyguards in order to set the standard for what he expected of his military personnel, and when the night fell, he could charm diplomats and dictators alike.

It had been a difficult path for him. She admired that he had been born into his role, but hadn’t grown up in the palace. She only knew the rumors, but Lina had heard this magnificent man had grown up in Montana after running away from his life and his family at such a young age. He’d survived, even thrived, and had now returned to fix his country. He wasn’t just an incredibly gorgeous man, he was a leader who had earned his right to rule. The people of Gibain loved him and he’d brought the economy of this country from financial ruin and poverty back to a thriving economy that was now a powerhouse in the world.

It was one of the reasons she’d been so keen to take this position. She wanted to learn from the best. She’d finished college and applied to be the man’s personal assistant, not believing she could ever qualify for such an exalted position. Applying was a fluke; the unobtainable dream job while she applied for other, more practical and achievable roles within the American government. Why he’d chosen her over all the other people that had applied, others who were obviously more experienced and better trained, she had no idea. The interview process had been brutal but when she’d received the job offer, she hadn’t been able to believe her good fortune.

Now, standing several feet away from the enormous bed of one of the most powerful men in the world, she was shivering with fear and…she couldn’t deny it…desire.

She looked at the bed again and braced herself.

Why couldn’t he wear pajamas to bed? Good grief, the man was naked! How was she supposed to wake him up? She had no clue how to wake up men, never having needed to do so until she took this job. Thankfully, she hadn’t had to do it often. The first few months had been horrible, because there was always a woman in bed with him, also naked. The hurt and jealousy that had hit her during those moments had been painful, but for the last six months, Droon hadn’t really been seeing women much. He’d been painfully busy with all of the new infrastructure projects starting all over the country. He wanted to inspect them all, to ensure that they were being carried out properly.

She bit her lip and stared down at the man in question. She had to hurry, because she knew that the Minister of Defense truly did need to talk to Droon and the problem wasn’t a small issue. The minister needed guidance about a critical issue and she’d been assigned the task of waking the man. Lina wasn’t sure what that issue was, but she also knew that the minister wasn’t one of those frantic people who worried about everything and nothing. If the man was concerned, there was a big problem. If the minister wanted Lina to wake up Droon, it was really bad.

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