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Seduced by The Billionaire (Sold to The Billionaire #2)
Author: J.L. Beck

Chapter One


Sweat covered my body as I shot up in my bed. It had been a week since I last seen Fox’s rugged but handsome face. Though he appeared in my dreams every night bringing me to my knees with pleasure, he also warned me threatening to break me for betraying him.

Tonight was no different than any of those other nights, and as I tried to get my erratic heartbeat under control from the most recent dream. I knew there would be no point in trying to go back to bed. It was a loss cause for the last four nights and I was positive tonight wouldn’t be any different.

I sighed missing his touch with each passing day but knowing that I was weaker with him than without. He made me crave things that I couldn’t have, not when I was trying to nurse my mother back to health. She needed me more than Fox did.

Or at least that’s what I tried to convince myself.

I scurried from my bedroom and out into the kitchen, thinking maybe a midnight snack could ease my temptations for Fox. I had just opened the fridge when I heard my mother sigh loudly, the disapproval of my midnight eating all but dripping from her mouth.

“You should be sleeping child. You’ve got classes early tomorrow morning.” She scolded as I turned around grabbing a handful of grapes from the fridge. I really wanted Fox but I guess I would have to settle for grapes. I popped a few in my mouth knowing that too would get me scolded.

“I can’t sleep Mom, and when I can’t sleep, I eat.” I shrugged chomping down on the grapes as the sweet but slightly sour taste of them exploded in my mouth. I hadn’t told my mom the entire truth about how I got the money to cover her medication or the home health nurse that would be here tomorrow.

She knew as little as needed and if I had it my way she would never find out the entire story.

“I think we all do that sweetheart.” The angry mask that she always seemed to be wearing slipped from her face. Her hair was brittle, and graying in places but her eyes… her eyes remained bright and cheerful. The portals to another world as she always likes to say.

I smiled at her feeling the freedoms of our new, found a life for the very first time. We wouldn’t have to worry about medical bills, or groceries, or choosing between her pain meds or a bill that needed to be paid.

All because of him…

I shook off the thought reminding myself that thinking about him didn’t change that fact that we couldn’t be together. We were cut from two different pieces of fabric. It didn’t matter what way you tried to match us up together the pieces would never look good together.

“What are you thinking about?” I could hear the interest in my mother’s voice. Little did she know she wouldn’t want to hear about all the things that I had been doing over the last month?

“How I have to get up in six hours and how I have yet to go to sleep.” I leaned against the kitchen counter, staring off past my mother who was sitting at the tiny dining room table. We hadn’t sat at the thing as a family since dad died nearly two years ago.

Since that day it had been a struggle to even breathe. The pain from his death, and then the diagnose of my mother’s cancer just settled onto my shoulders like bricks, pushing me down until I felt like I couldn’t even take a breath without worrying that the world would crumble around me.

“I know that money didn’t come from anywhere good sweetheart and I know that whatever it is that’s bothering you isn’t going to go away until you face it head on.” Her words only made the hole that had formed in my chest wider. I felt like hell for leaving Fox, and even worse for doing so without an explanation but I did what I had to do because I knew if I didn’t leave then I never would.

As for not giving him an explanation, there was nothing I could write down that would make him understand my betrayal to him.

“I can’t face it head on,” I mumbled under my breath not really wanting to have this conversation with my ale mother. Instead, I moved over to the cabinet and got a glass for some water.

“Then it’s not worth racking your brain over Raven.” The light that shined through my mother made me the strong person I was today. It wrapped me in warmth and encouraged me to push on even when I felt I couldn’t. She was trying to give me that same feeling again, trying to push me onward even when I wanted to retreat backward.

“I think your right, Momma. It isn’t worth racking my brain over.” I agreed giving her a soft smile all well knowing that was the biggest lie I had ever spoken out loud. Fox would always be worth racking my brain over. He would always be worth the pain, and the heartache.

He just wasn’t worth my mother’s life, my life, or my future. I had goals, plans; things I wanted to do and staying with Fox, while they stopped me from doing them all.

“Unless it’s someone you love that is... If it’s someone you love you got to look at the whole picture and not just the side that you want to see… The side you’re basing your opinion off of.” I blinked bringing the glass to my lips and gulping down the cold water. I didn’t want to talk about this anymore. Not now and not ever again.

“It’s no one mom and even if it was that ship has sailed. I’m going to bed. I have to be up super early and I know for a fact you have a doctors appointment tomorrow so you best be getting to bed soon too.” I scolded her back, hoping I had averted the conversation for now.

I would tell her someday about the man that I fell in love with. The man that wasn’t good for me, and the one I let go even though I knew I would never feel what I felt for him with any other man.

“I love you, Raven. I really do, and I hope that you can tell me what it is that happened over this last month once you’re ready.” I ground my teeth together feeling the tears burn at the back of my eyes. I wouldn’t cry. I couldn’t. Crying was weak and it did nothing but cause self-pity.

“I love you to mom, now goodnight.” I sat the glass in the sink, and placed a kiss on my mother’s warm cheek before walking back to my bedroom, and crawling into my sprawling queen size bed.

Everything seemed bigger now that Fox wasn’t around: this bed, the space around me, and the deep, gaping hole in my chest. I would never be the same because of him and I knew that… I guess I just never expected him to leave such an imprint on my soul.

As I snuggled in under the covers, burying myself deeper into the blankets I wondered what it was that he was doing right now. It wasn’t like Fox to too around or even mourn the loss of someone he loved so I highly doubted he was giving much thought to me… still, a part of me, the part that bleeds for him hoped he was thinking about me.

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