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His Forever: Billionaire Alpha
Author: Ali Parker

Chapter 1



"Damn, woman. How much stuff can one person shove into a two-bedroom college apartment? Don't they have rules about this type of hording?" Damon glanced over his shoulder and smirked at the pretty girl behind him.

Bethany cocked her head to the side and put a hand on her hip, drawing his eyes down to the lovely curve. "I told you we could get a mover to come over and help clean this place out, but nooooo... you wanted to do it instead. All the money in the world, and we're spending our Saturday cleaning this place up."

"I kinda like seeing you work it." He shrugged and turned back to the stack of boxes in front of him.

"Work what, exactly?" Her arms slid around him from behind, and the soft press of her breasts against his back had his heart rate accelerating a little.

"Work anything," he grunted and gripped her hands, pulling them down until she cupped him. "Maybe we should lock the front door and christen this place for the next horny college kids that rent it."

Beth's laugh was short, endearing. "You're going to hell."

He turned in her arms and wrapped his around the top of her shoulders, the smile on his face feeling good - right. "Am I now?"

Her smile faltered a little as her eyes moved around his face. She was nervous. It was endearing, and yet such a fucking turn on. He could still intimidate her sexually. How long would that last? Forever? He couldn't help but hope seeing that forever is what he'd asked her for.

"What are you thinking?" She ran her hands up his back and pressed herself against him.

"I was trying to decide if the paint color was cream or more taupe." He snorted as she pushed back and growled.

"You're impossible."

"Nope. Just a warm meal, soft bed and pretty girl on my arm, and I'm set." He turned and picked up two of the boxes before walking to the door and kicking it carefully to get her attention. "Open."

"Bossy ass." She pulled the door open and gave him a flirty smile. "And I'm the only girl you'll ever have on your arm from here on out."

"This is true. There's still time to run." He winked and walked out into the far-too-warm October afternoon. He grunted and shook his head. How the hell Texas could be above eighty and it be deep in the heart of fall was a conundrum.

"Why in the world would I run?" Beth jogged past him to the parking lot, stopping beside the truck he'd rented.

"Because I love the way your ass jiggles when you do." He moved to the back and lifted the boxes high enough to get them in the back of the truck.

She lifted her eyebrow. "I'm thinking you deserve to see it jiggle this afternoon for helping me move out of the apartment."

His cock twitched. "Up close and personal or not at all."

She chuckled. "You're corrupt."

"I'm going to hell. We've established this." He reached for her, running one hand down her back toward her ass, and the other caressing the side of her face. "I should be granted one last meal before I head south."

She snorted. "I love you so much."

Her words penetrated his heart, waking him up like she did every time they were together. Having known nothing but lust, he was often shocked by how good love felt. "You're not going to ask what I wanted you to prepare for me?"

Beth wrapped her arms around him and lifted up to press her lips to his softly before pulling back. "What would you like me to cook you for your last meal?" Her expression said that she was playing along, but only for his benefit.

"Cook? No, baby. I don't need anything cooked. Just wash up real good for me... or don't? I could care less if you're clean or not." He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers as her eyes grew wide, her cheeks flushing a pretty pink color.

Nothing was better than the sound of her panting, the feel of her trying to catch her breath because of something he did or said. It was power they shared. He just hid the side effects a little better.

Beth pressed her hands to his chest and took a step back, breaking the spell. "It's almost five. Stop flirting and teasing me and let's get this place packed and go home and make dinner together."

Home. Together. Weird.

"You sure you're still wanting to do this?" He turned and walked back toward the apartment, forcing air through his nose and out his mouth. He had to calm down before he stripped her bare and licked every inch of her in the parking lot.

"To move in together?" She gave him a quirky smile and slipped her arm into his. "We're getting married in May. I think seeing if we're capable is important."

"Hmm... trying out the goods before you buy? I like it." He opened the door and moved back, letting his eyes move down her back, over the steep curve of her rear. She hated it, and yet he couldn't imagine anything more sensual.

"Brother..." She walked into the apartment.

"Speaking of brothers, when is ours coming home again?" He stopped by the kitchen to tape up a few more boxes and tried hard not to think about the fact that Bethany was his step-sister. No blood relation, and yet, everything would be out in the open soon at the firm. They were engaged, and he'd fucked up pretty badly over the last month or so by not letting her wear the ring or tell anyone. Fucked up badly enough that she'd left the firm. Probably for the best.

"No clue. After his showing a few weeks ago, I'm pretty sure he's not coming back home for anything more than a visit." Beth ran her fingers through her long chestnut hair, causing her breasts to bounce a little.

Damon licked at the corner of his mouth and stifled a growl. "Did he talk to you about him and Erica?"

"A little. Not much. He's gotta finish patching things up with her, but you know Matthew. He'll win her heart back with his humor if nothing else." She moved around the large boxes in front of him and reached for the tape. "It's weird packing up Krista's stuff. Do you think she's okay?"

He took the tape from her. "She's in the mentally insane ward of the prison, baby. I think she's okay in that no one is going to hurt her there, but she's around people who are far gone mentally. How much interaction is she getting? That would be my question."

Beth let out a soft sigh as her head dropped. "I don't know. I should go see her."

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